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Jun 7, 2010 08:49 AM

Justine's Has Serious A/C Issues!

We (and four guests) made our second visit to Justine's on Saturday, June 5, after being very impressed by our initial experience several weeks ago. Once again, the food exceeded our expectations - the cheese plate and escargot were exceptional beginnings to the meal, and each entree (steak frites, steak tartare, snapper, scallops) impressively satisfied. However, unless Justine's makes some improvements to their air conditioning system, we will not return until late in the fall. When we arrived and were seated for our 6:45 reservation, the room was uncomfortably warm, and by the time we had placed our drink and appetizer orders, we were sweating noticeably. When our entrees arrived, I asked our server if there was a problem with the air conditioning, and, without an apology, she simply stated somewhat curtly that their cooling system was designed for residential and not commercial use, and that it was working as hard as it could.

Hmmm....I wonder if City of Austin building codes require that commercial uses provide appropriate HVAC systems? Whatever....if Justine's plans on remaining open for the coming hellish Summer of 2010, I would recommend strongly that they spend some money on air conditioning improvements.

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    1. Yes, We went on Sunday, and it was quite hot in there then as well. The only consolation was that it was hotter outside. Hopefully they will be able to upgrade the HVAC at some point.

      1. This is the reason we made reservations at Fabi & Rossi. Surely Justine's will fix the situation immediately.

        1. Gonna have to try this place. I carry a jacket in the trunk of my car in the summer, just to put on in most of the restaurants in Austin. Needless to say, I try to go to places with outdoor patios,