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Jun 7, 2010 08:20 AM

Lunch for 10 or 12 including kids?

I am looking for someplace to eat with kids.

I travel from Dallas to Houston 5-6 times a year and meet up with the inlaws for lunch/brunch on a Saturday or Sunday. We usualy meet somewhere between Sugarland and Garden Oaks. (big area, I know) The past few times we have been out to eat it has not been satisfying. We all have kids (5 kids under 8 years old) and most places the service has been terrible, food not tasty, or just too crowded to comfortably accomodate a large party.

In the past we have been to BabaYega, Lupe Tortilla, Hobbit Cafe, Barnaby's, Kim ??? (dim sum place on 59, I can't remember the same maybe KImSan or something like that) and a few others. I don't really care for chain restaurants and something family owned is always nice but not required.

I have taken it upon myself to choose the next dining destination because I just cant handle another miserable experience. So where can I find good food for a big family? Cost is not a factor. Fancy food not required.

***By the way, I am a 6-foot male about 200lbs and I eat all kinds of food, but Hobbit Cafe serves an obscene amount of food (especially avacado on sandwiches). I was saddened by the obnoxious waste of food. Very few people (if anyone) wants to, or can eat the ridiculous amount of avacado they serve on their sandwiches. It just makes a mess. Of course it can be boxed up and taken home, but really? Who needs to be served this much food at a single meal? I would have paid more to be served less. Yes, I know the sandwiches can be ordered in a "slim" or "regular" size, or shared, but still it is unnecessary.***end rant.

Lupe Tortilla's Restaurants
318 Stafford St, Houston, TX 77079

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  1. Never been but I've always understood Lupe's is family friendly; the others you've tried don't have that reputation.

    Sounds like an adventurous group. One recommendation would be Georgia's Farm to Market on I-10. Caveats: it's natural foods (grass fed beef, not to everyone's taste), buffet. The space is large, tables likewise. The salad/fruit bar is better than the hot foods side. Kids may not be able to get the usual sodas, I don't remember (everybody, adult, anyway, gets a pot of hot tea). If the kids don't like fruits and vegetables they may not like it. And oh yes, limited service hours.

    I just mention it because every time I've been there there have been large groups including kids and they all seem to be enjoying themselves. Might want to check their schedule, though; when they have a presentation or demonstration going on it's right in the dining area.

    Another one might be Skeeter's Mesquite Grill. I haven't been in 5 years or so but they're very family friendly. It's counter service. There are some picnic type tables but also smaller arrangements. I've always seen lots of kids there, mostly teens, though. There's one right off 59 in First Colony. Not the best burgers in town but not bad; I've never tried any of the Tex-Mex.

    If you're looking for table service, though, neither of these would fit the bill.

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      Thanks for the recommendations. I will check these out. They sound great, especially the Georgia's.

      Anyplace that offers "Family style" service would be great too. We always seem to share food anyway.

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        I thought Georgia's might be out in left field. Glad to know it might work out.

        Another one along that line is Dimassi's Mediterranean buffet. There are some of these in DFW now I think so you could check them out. Great hummus, babaganoush, salads, but also always a baked chicken and fish dish and sometimes lamb shank. The Stafford location has pizza on the buffet and large tables, both aimed at families with kids I'd guess. It's right on 59.

        The most famous family style place has been Vargo's but I think I've read they no longer do that. I didn't see anything on the website but you could call. I haven't been in decades but I think you go for the setting and the service more than the food.

        The Swinging Door, a bbq place in Richmond, does family style all you can eat for parties of more than 4. I've only been once but it's been mentioned on this board recently. Decent bbq and sides as I recall.

        Seems to me I've heard of a soul food place in 4th Ward that's family style but I can't think of a name.

        Vargo's Restaurant
        2401 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77063

        1039 W Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 77598

        Swinging Door
        3714 Fm 359 Rd, Richmond, TX 77406