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Jun 7, 2010 07:42 AM

Little Kitchen, Westport

I heard that this place is a little gem from more than one person. Someone even said that it is among the best Pan Asians in the Northeast! Food, service and presentation. Nice ambience as well.

Any first-hand reports from CH-ers?

Little Kitchen
423 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880

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  1.'s decent suburban chinese food. Same as all the rest in my opinion. Certainly not the best in the northeast...maybe in Westport...

    1. The place is good. I highly doubt it will knock your socks off though, but very very decent.

      I would actually recommend going across the street to Taipan. Get their dry aged beef with scallion pancakes. It's crispy and incredibly tasty! Should you not want beef get the sesame chicken. It's not the usually boring sesame chicken you would find at standard take out places. The chicken is pounded flat (somewhat similar to the beef) and fried crispy crispy.

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      1. re: fcmenutalk

        Taipan is no more. It's now an outpost of Thali, the Indian restaurant group.

        87 Main Street, New Canaan, CT 06840

        1. re: plien69

          Oh, wow! Thanks for the update...

      2. Actually it sounds like a better alternative to Ching's Table, which is pretty good.

        Ching's Table
        64 Main St Ste 3, New Canaan, CT 06840

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        1. re: menton1

          I would recommend Ching's Table way more than Little comparison in my opinion.

          1. re: sibeats

            Hmmm, that's contrary to what I've heard from more than 1 person-- anyone else been to both places?

            1. re: menton1

              Well, that's why I said "in my opinion"! I will say I haven't been to Ching's in a while, but the food I did have there was much better and more interesting. Little Kitchen to me just seems like the exact same menu at every Chinese restaurant in every suburban town. It's decent, nothing special. But hey, check it out and let me know what you think, would love to hear another opinion.

              1. re: menton1

                I have been to both. First time for each, both within the past month and absolutely recommend Ching's over Little Kitchen. I agree with sibeats, there is no comparison.

          2. I'm a big fan of little kitchen - they offer some great Chinese and Thai dishes in a fun atmosphere.

            I have always enjoyed the lunch specials, especially the steak ku and the pork medallions which they no longer carry.

            Great by the bottle wine list - just wish they'd work on the service more.

            Still haven't tried their sushi yet - maybe this week.