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Jun 7, 2010 06:46 AM

July 4th trip to Austin

The midget is going to be in Austin for the 4th of July. Staying the night at a hotel on the Lake. We will have already done the bbq thing extensively. We like to do what is particularly local and are entranced by the food cart scene.
I expect we will stop at the South Austin trailer park for lunch. What other food carts should we not miss for early evening and maybe later? What is the best breakfast taco/burrito for our last meal before we fly back home on the 5th? Obviously, after much bbq, we are going for TexMex this day. Also, the wife definitely needs some sweets. Looking forward to trying out your town.

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  1. There are a gizzilion cart options, you can check out for details. What kind of food are you looking for? Check out Franklin BBQ, Eastside King, G'raj Mahal, Odd duck and Gorgdoughs for starters.

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      We will be looking for tex/mex, taco trucks, desserts. Gordoughs seems to be a definite last stop. The Odd Duck, unfortunately seems to be closed while we are in town. Maybe next time. After several days on the bbq trail, I think we will be passing on the bbq on the 4th. Thanks for your reply

    2. odd duck is the only one mentioned that sounds "particularly local"--there's been a lot of food carts opening up catering to yuppies, like the one reviewed in this week's Chronicle--seriously, if you want the real deal, you gotta go to the hood: Tacos El Rico, Felix and Vargas, is the best street food in all of Central Texas--another one I really like is Al Pastor on E. Riverside--there's million other ones, but they are pretty much far away from the whole downtown/Soco and even South First scene--all of which is frightfully overpriced...I mean, come on--$4 tacos at the likes of Torchy's?! When you can buy the best barbacoa money can buy for less than $2 at Tacos El Rico?