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Jun 7, 2010 06:10 AM

Need Boone, NC Recs

OK Chowhounds - haevn't seen anything recent on this one.

We're headed to Boone late this month to celebrate a birthday and for my other half to do an ungodly hard bike ride. Looking for dinner places for 2 nights, a lunch place for me on Saturday and both of us on Sunday.

We strongly prefer local and organic, and do not eat beef or pork. Love fish and vegetarian. Ethnic food is great. A nice-ish place for one night would be awesome (but we're NOT looking for $100+ dinners). Where should we go? We're staying in either Boone or Blowing Rock (to be determined) and he will be riding out of Valle Crucis.


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  1. The best restaurant in Boone is Vidalia which is open on Sunday. They have a Sunday brunch but their menu looks like you will be OK. They have a blue plate lunch daily that has several fish entrees but you could order all vegetables. Vidalia's should be great for dinner and you should get by for less than $100.00 pretty easy without drinks. However their wine list looks reasonable.

    Vidalia @ 831 West King St., Boone, NC 828 - 263 - 9176.

    Pepper's is another good spot. It's been there a long time and it's located SE of ASU campus off Blowing Rock Rd. before Boone Shopping Center on Shadowline. Either Peppers or Vidalia would be good for lunch or dinner. Both serve plenty of vegetable/fish type entrees.

    Pepper's Restaurant and Bar @ 240 Shadowline Dr., Boone, NC 828 - 262 - 1250.

    There's a Japanese place too. I know nothing about it except I read a couple of good reviews. Boone is a nice place. I have been there several times but it's been a few years. I stayed at a resort near Boone but Fairfield Inn and Suites in town on Blowing Rock Rd. looks nice and gets good reviews. It's just SE of Peppers. Have a nice trip.

    831 W King St, Boone, NC 28607

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    1. re: Littleman

      They're slow, really slow at times, but Tupelo World Cafe has some interesting things on their menu and are very veg friendly (my wife is a vegetarian). They're also big on local and have a nice outdoor patio that provides some great people watching.


      1. re: dineandcook

        Second votes for Vidalia and Tupelo World Cafe. I also enjoy Coyote Cafe with a Tex-Mex / Caribbean theme going on. Very vegetarian/vegan friendly along wild salmon and organic chicken dishes. For your Saturday solo lunch I would suggest heading a few miles down the road to Blowing Rock. If you are lucky they will have "Art in the Park" going on. Have lunch at Storey Street Grill. Sunday brunch should be Manor House at Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock....terrace seating overlooking a small lake.

        831 W King St, Boone, NC 28607

        1. re: dineandcook

          Tupelo's World Cafe had an entirely different (and forgettable) name when we were there last month. Everything else seemed the same.

          1. re: ucctgg

            They changed their name? Maybe they are under new management which means faster service? One can hope bc the food is good, but damn are they slooooooooooow.

            1. re: dineandcook

              One might wonder if that change happened because of Tupelo Honey in Asheville?

              1. re: Nocturnalbill

                The new name is Hob Nob Farm Cafe and it's owned by the same people as before when it was Angelica's and Tupelo's. They're focusing on using mostly local food, including veg from their own farm, Hob Nob Farm.

                (The link to their website in this article directs to godaddy.

                )We took my dad there for Father's Day and his favorite dish from Angelica's is still on the menu (Avocado Melt with Tempeh). It's a huge menu. There are pastas and burritos and tamales (not the typical tamale) and melts and salads and soups and all kinds of teas and juices...

                The service was excellent. We were prepared to spend some time there, but we got our food relatively quickly, compared to previous visits. I imagine it is still not a place to eat if you're in a hurry.

                The food was good and portions ample. The awning over the patio makes the dining room much more pleasant, somehow.

                1. re: kizil

                  We were in Boone yesterday and had a late lunch at Hob Nob. I had the Thai Curry grass fed beef burger (4 oz) which was very tasty. Son had the Burrito Royal with mashed potatoes, sausage, black beans, and cheese which was tasty, a bit on the carb overload side though. Service was pleasant and fast. What a change from being in Raleigh at 99 degrees, to sitting outside at 1pm in 82 degree dry air with a breeze :-)

        2. re: Littleman

          I went to Pepper's recently and got the shrimp and grits. NOT GOOD! They put way too much pork... whatever pork product it was... I could not tell and my server didn't know either. Plus, the shrimp wasn't as advertised: "extra large jumbo". In addition, the flavor wasn't good. It was too peppery and oily. The salad bar was alright, but they used grape tomatoes instead of cherry and didn't give you a proper knife to cut the vegetables with. They are probably cutting back on costs, but ugh! What a disappointment!

          240 Shadowline Dr Ste 6, Boone, NC 28607

        3. Would add in Storie Street Grille. That's Blowing Rock though. Enjoyed dinner there several times. Definitely local to NC, not sure about the Veggie options, though salads have been decent and fish is quite good. Would avoid the Japanese place mentioned up post, as it is definitely more the chop-chop entertainment variation than good food.

          Storie Street Grille
          1167 Main St, Blowing Rock, NC 28605

          1. BullCity, let me know what you find, I'm heading up to Boone in July for a family reunion.
            Any other suggestions would be welcome as well, doesn't have to be fine dining, anything that is good and somewhere to get something North Carolina is known for perhaps?

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              Good has been decently covered. As to getting food that NC is known for, Boone is a bit limited in that regards. Depending on where you're coming from, you might be able to get some better recommendations on iconic NC food on the way there or back.

              1. re: Nocturnalbill

                What about Troy's Diner. Is it worth stopping for lunch.

            2. There is a newly opened restaurant called Proper on Water Street in Boone. I ate there for lunch this past week and enjoyed a delicious meal of crispy fried catfish with scrumptious mashed potatoes and gravy and slaw. There were seven of us all ordering different dishes with side items and everything was scrumptious.....collards, okra, meatloaf, salads,
              fried chicken, pulled pork to mention a few.....and the desserts were wonderful as well. Highly recommended and very affordable with outside seating amidst a wonderful garden.

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              1. re: abbiewilson

                Went there and had an experience that's a 180 from yours. This place will soon to be added to the list of restaurants that have failed to make a go of it at this location. Everything so deep fried you couldn't tell what you were eating. Catfish must have been the size of a guppy and was lost in the way too crispy batter someplace. Service was sloppy and slow. Toilet tissues are bigger than their napkins. Proper is a dropper!!!!!

                1. re: Raccoonteur

                  I had a great meal at Proper last week. My only fried item was a potato cake. But the food was fresh, yummy, and service was good. It seems that they're special sell out early on the weekends.

              2. We went this past weekend. For a lot of reasons, we ended up only eating one meal out (I was on the course on Saturday for lunch waiting for photo ops, and we stayed with friends Saturday night - so dinner and breakfast were fabulous, but in someone's home). Friday night, we did try the Coyote Kitchen. We pondered trying Hob Nob Cafe, but it looked crowded and we were both really tired from the drive. We definitely will next time - along with Melanie's kitchen which comes highly recommended by our friends.

                We loved the Coyote Kitchen. We sat outside for dinner, and it was almost chilly. A nice change from 100+ degree days. We started with Fried Plaintains and the Pineapple Habanaro salsa (hot, but not too hot). My other half had the Isabella Burrito, which he pronounced good, but wished he could taste the pineapple more and wished the tempeh had a bit more texture. The thing was HUGE! We also had a veggie side to share. I had the Moab Boat, which was unusual but good (and enough for breakfast the next AM). I had the Cranberry salsa, and think I would have enjoyed the pineapple more. All in all - a really good experience. They will make anything on their menu vegetarian for you. Service was reasonably quick, the price was VERY reasonable, and it was a relaxing and enjoyable dinner. Not fancy, but good. We'd definitely go back!

                Coyote Kitchen
                200 Southgate Dr, Boone, NC 28607