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Jun 7, 2010 02:37 AM

Roussillon and St-remy


I'm looking for suggestions for lunch and dinner either in Roussillion and St-rem or close by (I will have a car). Generally looking to stay under 30 euros per person per meal but also looking for a splurge or two. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Not too far is Le Bistro du Paradou, a wonderful family run place on the road to Les Baux. It's a bit above your budget, but a great experience. Basically, there is only a single four-course prix fixe at each meal (if you go Friday, you can have a traditional aioli, one of my very favorite Provence memories). The price includes a bottle of wine. It's easily googleable but here's one recent article on it (which reveals that they apparently are no longer opening for lunch.... dommage as that's always a way to save a bit while getting just as good a meal.)

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      Le Bistrot du Paradou is not closed for lunch (the article has incomplete information). However the price is the same for lunch & dinner (sorry!)

    2. Several years back, L'Assiette de Marie in St. Remy had great food - a duck lasagna I won't soon forget, and the vegetable lasagna was really good too. I believe she's Corsican if I recall correctly.