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Jun 6, 2010 11:21 PM

In Boston this week...

...and i need some good dinner and lunch spots to hit. Not looking to go crazy on the credit card, but definitely wanna try some great eateries and solid Boston institutions. I'll be staying in Boston Common so anything within a 10 minute taxi ride is ideal...

thanks in advance for the advice...


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  1. You haven't given much information on what your expectations are, but I'll try to give you some suggestions for the area:
    Silvertones; comfort food, great meatloaf, calamari, mac & cheese, goat cheese crostini; along with a busy afterwork crowd
    Beantown Pub, seldom mentioned here, definitely a bar atmosphere with good corned beef sandwiches & potato salad, pool tables in the back;
    Marliave, love that you can get a beef wellington or a rabbit dish in the afternoon, cocktails,sometimes well done, other times not so much, stick with wine
    75 Chestnut; Beacon Hill neighborhood atmosphere, friendly staff, great mussels or porterhouse pork chop;
    Lastly, the North End isn't that far and is actually very walkable; My choices:
    Artu - Shrimp scampi pizza;
    Neptune Oyster - what else but oysters, or maybe their fried clams or lobster roll
    Waterfront Cafe - I actually like their pizza better than Reginas or
    Antico Forno for the chicken parm.
    Hopefully, this is a start, and others will chime in. I know not everyone will be in agreement with my recommendations.

    Neptune Oyster
    63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

    Antico Forno
    93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

    75 Chestnut
    75 Chestnut Street, Boston, MA 02114

    69 Bromfield St, Boston, MA 02108

    10 Bosworth Street, Boston, MA 02108

    Beantown Pub
    100 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02108

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      "Waterfront Cafe - I actually like their pizza better than Reginas"

      this /\ /\ /\

      1. re: Beachowolfe

        Dont' understand your post, but guessing that you don't agree with my opinion. That's okay more for me.

        1. re: Pegmeister

          "This" = Beachowolfe agrees with your statement regarding the Waterfront Cafe. :)

          1. re: Prav

            Thanks, I really didn't get it, but I'm also ok with someone not agreeing with me. Don't get me wrong, I like Reginas, especially if I can grab a seat at the bar, but forsome reason I really like Waterfront's version better.

            1. re: Prav

              This /\ /\ haha.

              Yes, I agree and am a huge fan of Waterfront Cafe and generally think Regina's is a bit overrated as the go to "best pizza in Boston" recommendation. I do understand the whole experience rec for out of towners. I still grab Regina's every now and then but w/ Pushcart, Ernesto's, Ducali, and Waterfront within few blocks I don't get there all that often.

              1. re: Beachowolfe

                Ernesto's is an experience especially with the wine in paper cups, but I like it. Pushcart has been on my list for awhile, but just haven't made it there yet. I like the big guy at the Waterfront that comes across so grumpy. He's really very accomodating and wants you to like the food. Miss the fried stuffed olives though.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Wed and Thurs is the Scooperbowl at City Hall. It's an all you can eat fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund. Go have some ice cream.!

          City Hall Cafe
          695 Main St, Fitchburg, MA 01420

          1. Thanks Pegmeister...much appreciated. Sorry for not going in depth, but i just wanted some general opinions. And as for Joanie, I'm here for work and they're paying for the hotel. If you wanna expense my next trip to Beantown for an "adventurous" neighborhood, let me know - I'd be fine with it.