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Jun 6, 2010 07:26 PM

Kitchen Sink Faucet Recommendations?

We're planning to put in a new sink - a farmhouse sink (single compartment), stainless steel, with an apron, and I have been searching the internet looking at different faucets. It will be single faucet. I like a handle that makes it very easy to turn on and off, and to hot and cold, quickly and easily, when you're moving fast. And, it has to swivel. I also like it to have hose that pulls down.... Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

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  1. I think there are probably plenty of models that fit those requirements (those are features a lot of people like). We chose this one from Kohler which I really like, but the same basic functionality will come in a variety of styles and finishes (ours is nickel), both more and less modern, from most manufacturers. The on-off can be done using the back of the wrist if your hands are messy, which I like. The head pulls out to be a spray.

    1. This is similar to the type we have (can't remember the brand). It has a really powerful spray that really gets the gunk off things. I think ours is commercial, but my husband bought it and I can't remember the brand.

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        I have two gooseneck faucets. If you have the space over your sink they are wonderful. The cheaper of the two is from Ikea:

        It has proved adequate. I had to replace a "Made in China" equivalent of your Whitehaus as after a reno I no longer had the height to install it.

        There can be a lot of leverage with this type of unit so it works better with a very rigid base. One of...
        * Ceramic sink
        * Granite, Silestone etc drilled
        * Stainless where the wood / stone support goes underneath the cutout for the tap, or where the tap is mounted on the counter.

      2. KWC faucets have been called the Ferraris of faucets. I've had and loved mine (I've had several in different houses) for 20+ years. I've been told they invented the pulldown sprayer. Mine have worked perfectly, zero problems, ultimate plus is that the sprayer handle is so well insulated that it doesn't get uncomfortably hot when you're using hot water...

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          OMG, that's the brand we have. I couldn't come up with those three letters. We have the KWC Systema:

          It is the best, and the spray has quite a bit of power. It looks cook too!

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              These are great suggestions. Thank you! Heading to the Bath and Kitchen store....

          1. We have had the Europlus II Grohe German (assembled in Canada) faucet for almost 4 years with no problems. The hose for the pull-out sprayer handle is more durable than others we compared it to:


            1. I have a Pfister w/ the pull down and single knob. Being able to push it to on and to hot when your hands are cruddy is really handy.

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                re: "...when your hands are cruddy..."

                I would love to have a foot pedal for the kitchen sink faucet. Truly, it makes the most sense!

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                  you are sooo right! meanwhile, I just use my elbow. works fine!

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                    lol...I guess we all do that, fauchon!

                    The OP, Bite Me, should seriously consider the on-off handle on any new kitchen faucet. It should be easy to operate with any part of the forearm...knowing that much of the time, our kitchen hands are covered with food.

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                    My SIL installed one in her old house, but wound up not loving it and didn't install a foot pedal in the new house. Not sure why...