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Jun 6, 2010 06:07 PM

green papayas, green mangoes

Because of my error in communication I find myself with a LOT of green papayas and mangoes. I have this nifty little Thai tool which will shred either fruit nicely.
I can't imagine eating all this shredded fruit soon enough. Do you have any ideas?
Thank you.

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  1. I love Thai green papaya salad.

    Do you like South Asian foods?

    Green, unripened papaya ground with its skin is a great meat tenderizer and is used in making many types of kabaabs in Pakistani/Indian cuisine. Google: bihari kabaab and kakori kabab for two sample recipes.

    Green mango can be pickled in Indian recipes. Google: How to make green mango pickle. There is also a whole genre of Pakistani/Indian vegetable dishes based on green mango. Google "kairi recipe" for samples.

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      I definitely second the Thai green papaya salad. I made it once in a cooking class and fell in love with it!

      1. re: luckyfatima

        + 1 on the myriad green mango pickle recipes from the Subcontinent. Google "manga thokku" for a Southern grated mango pickle. You could also make that with either ripe tomatoes or very green tomatoes.

        You can also fine dice the unripe green mango and add it to the chickpea dish 'sundal', or cook it with daal, or matchstick it and add it to salad.

      2. Many people here in Hawaii prefer the green, unripe fruit.

        For the papayas, you can make chicken papaya, which is a very popular local dish.

        that is a pretty basic recipe.

        We eat green mango plain, with mayo and shoyu. You can also pickle the green mangoes. I have a friend who makes pickled mangoes every year (in fact, he should hopefully be giving me some soon!) and they are a very tasty treat.

        1. As good as it gets!

          Green papaya salad is one of my absolute favorites, you can serve it with pretty much anything. It's also a great introduction to Thai cooking as it gets you used to working with a mortar and pestle and learning to balance hot, salty, sour and sweet flavours.

          Also, weirdly, grated green papaya makes an excellent face scrub, the enzymes are unbelievably cleansing and not at all drying on the skin.

          1. You can use the green papaya as a stewing vegetable, much like chayote. It can also be shredded and pickled for later if you don't want to eat pounds of papaya salad over the next few weeks. If you make salads, green mango likes more salt than the papaya.