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Jun 6, 2010 06:03 PM

Staying at the Hudson Hotel..

I will be desperate for an independent coffee shop?
Any suggestions?
Many thanks.

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  1. OK, Hudson Hotel, 58th and 8th, you're withing walking distance of Zibetto, a stand up style espresso bar. It's located on the west side of 6th Ave at 56th St.

    1385 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019

    1. Flame @ 893 9th Avenue, New York, NY‎ - (212) 765-7962‎

      1. I think Fika - Swedish - is relatively close by as well.

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        1. re: MMRuth

          41 W 58th St!

          41 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

        2. Momofuku Milk Bar at the Chambers Hotel (56 bet. 5th & 6th) brews Stumptown beans, albeit not as strong as at the actual ST location inside the Ace Hotel.