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Jun 6, 2010 03:56 PM

Should I cook on stovetop for dinner party?


I really want to serve sauteed cod for my upcoming summer dinner parties, but I'm a little concerned about cooking on the stovetop for 10 guests. The recipe takes about 10-15 minutes. And I'd have to have 3 pans on the stove at once in order for everything to be ready at the same time.

I have a galley kitchen, so my guests cannot really linger and mingle while I cook. They will be in the other room. I'm a little concerned about cooking after they have arrived.

Should I just choose an oven dish?


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  1. oven dishes are best for entertaining in my experience. go with a roasted salmon.

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      Agreed. Also less mess to clean up.

    2. This should get moved to Home Cooking but I'd never consider stove top cooking in three skillets for ten people, much less fish. I can't imagine doing it and not overcooking at least some of the fish. For things that will hold alright in a warm oven, I've done a couple of batches (think pounded chicken breasts) sequentially. But for ten people, not for me.

      1. I agree w/ the others. Not only will you be working hard after your guests arrive but if you have a smaller galley kitchen, you'll have to deal w/ all the extra pans and the mess in the kitchen from cooking, serve the rest of the meal, clear dinner plates and get out dessert. Is there space in your kitchen for all that? I know I don't have the room.

        1. I think you should try it if you want. the potential negatives are well stated here, but with the right menu and group of guests, a break between starter and main is welcome. I would want a recipe which is forgiving as to time of cooking within a few minutes, though, and one person only to help me plate and serve.

          1. If your sauteed cod is that fantastic, I don't see a problem with prepping everything, getting the guests settled with drinks and hors d'ouvres, and then disappearing for ten minutes to do the main course if you are really organized with the other dishes. In your place I would probably try to come up with a different dish that the guests would like just as much though.