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Raise your hand if you LOVE Trader Joes!!

Tell us what you like about them. Prices? Organic Goods? Customer Service? and please be respectful of people that dont like to shop there. No need to belittle people who dont enjoy TJ's, different strokes for different folks ya know!

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  1. Now that my friend is trying gluten free I really appreciate TJ's. The flourless chocolate cake and the gluten free shepard's pie alone have been a godsend to him. But we have to drive to Wegman's for gluten free bread as he doesn't care for the gf bread at TJ's. He managed to eat the TJ's gf bread anyway, although he could have returned it as their return policy rocks. I love their salsas, cookies, chocolates, coffees and teas. And the prices are great.

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      I had 2 bread products go bad prematurely. I had planned to return them but my last visit was an unexpected one. I went to the courtesy desk anyways and I was able to get a refund for the 2 items - without a receipt and without the product or package. Imagine that? I mean it was only $5-6 but it was still sincerely appreciated.

    2. I LOVE the fact that Trader Joe's won't come to Kansas City. Omaha? Sure. West Des Moines? No problem. I don't get it.

      1. I love TJs.

        It's a supplemental stop, but there are certain things like Nimans bacon, goat cheese, body wash, etc. that are on my "must go to TJ's" list if we need them.

        I go early weekend mornings or midweek to avoid most crowds. Help is friendly without being overly so, for the most part.

        I don't understand actually hating them--I understand (and participate in) Walmart hate, but TJ's? I don't think their merchandise mix is comprehensive enough to drive anyone out of business...I can go weeks without stopping in but I enjoy the experience when I do. They seem to treat their employees reasonably well--what's not to like?

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          My wife and I only shop in Trader Joe's when we are in the U.S., but it is one of our must-visit places on the shopping route. I don't feel strange at all concerning the way they do things, and must admit the aggressive friendliness of the checkout people is refreshing. Quite a number of things they offer I will pass on, but do certainly buy (and appreciate) their low-fat cheeses, low-priced wines and greek olives, among other things. We also like it when the baby artichokes are in season, and sold in large packs. Would love to have TJ's here in Tokyo.

        2. First let me say, I come here in peace.

          It's been 5 days since this thread was posted and there are only 6 (including mine) responses. I posted a thread that was titled, "Raise your hand if you don't like Trader Joes" that eventually got shut down because of the bickering, but had 72 responses in 3 days. Most of those responses were people DEFENDING TJ.

          What does this say? That most people won't take the time to say they love TJ, but will certainly take the time to defend it. I say that is a loyal fan base and speaks volumes. Although I still do not like TJ, I have gained a respect for its customers and their loyalty. This was a real eye opener. Thanks for reading.


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            I'm sure you'd like to think so. No, the entirely obvious reason there are so few replies here is because there are already countless threads like this one on this board. Regular Chowhound contributors who are fans of Trader Joe's have already had their say on this topic many times over and probably don't see any need to repeat themselves yet again.

            The indefensible thread to which you refer, which was shut down because of the nasty vibe it engendered, received a lot of responses only because of its casually unhinged tone of baseless, reckless, shamelessly misinformed potshots.

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              The other thread was funner. I never got a chance to post on it. Sniff. The way the employees can act took some getting used to. My problem is that when my life turns into a salsa storm TJ's has what I need to get through ugly things like sleepless nights and hospital visits, lots and lots of good snacks. But the aggressive cheerfulness can be hard to stomach at those times. I'm from the NE USA near Philly and when people look unhappy around here they are mostly left the heck alone. My TJs and Costco have one great thing in common. They don't kick you out right at closing and they don't make those announcements over the PA like "we are closing in fourty minutes so get the heck out NOW." I know it's time to leave when TJs makes the okay employees should shop now if they want to announcement, usually about five minutes of nine.

            2. Both hands way up, touching the ceiling. I like the friendliness, which I do not find intrusive in the least. There are a couple of dozen things that I regularly buy. I like that their quest is to stock items that optimize both quality and affordability. I've become inured to the disappointment when things are discontinued, now that I understand that it's usually because the supplier can't/won't provide the item any more. If pressed, I would say that their brightest stars are the cookies and crackers, but there are items that I buy consistently in every department and aisle.

              1. Love it, because the prices are so reasonable it enables me to take a chance and try something. I'm an "opportunistic" buyer, so I will wander around to see what looks interesting. I like the simple packaging they use, easy to read the labels. I don't love the whole checkout thing (I kind of like efficient service and they tend to be too chatty at times). I've never had to return something, but love knowing that I can if I need to. And now that my local store has added wine and beer...

                1. I love it because they have interesting things and it's inexpensive. It's not where I do my weekly shopping but I'm always happy when I come out of there and just like we do on Chowhound here, everyone I know who goes there will HAVE to tell me what they've recently bought that was great.

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                    Have you bought the all-natural peanut butter dog treats with the picture of the greyhound on the box? Mine love them, and the assorted flavor box too.

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                      they just like them because of the picture on the box ;-)

                  2. I love their dried fruit and nut aisle. They've always got reasonable prices on high quality nuts -- they are my go-to for walnut halves and almonds. I have a hard time buying nuts anywhere else because TJ's are always so great!


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                      Yup. The raw almonds and other nuts are top-notch and reasonable. But for me, it's the customer service that sets it apart. We've returned two or three items over the past 15 years or so and the smoothness and attitude of that experience says a lot.Currently, my addiction are the incredible Caribbean Fruit Floes and when they were flying out of the freezer on a 95-degree day, the staff was happy to check and find more in the back.

                    2. Me me me!! I hit TJs almost weekly. Their Polenta Provencal is a staple in our house (I add ground turkey or turkey sausage and lots more veggies). I know everyone grouses about frozen food, but as a working-mom of a very active toddler, it makes my evening life much easier. Their frozen meals are godsends to me. I also love their chips/dips/salsas, their cheeses (so affordable), their bagged greens (really? raddichio for $1.99????) and their Joe O's. Their customer service is to DIE for. My son is always smiled at, given a balloon and/or stickers and fed by the nice ladies at the sample counter. If ever you have a problem with one of their products, they are more than happy not only to give you a refund, but ask why you didn't like it. Any time I am looking for something, an associate is always very helpful - and if they can't find the item, they tell me WHY.

                      I have no beefs at all with Trader Joes and wish more stores tried to emulate them.