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Suggestions for a summer soup?

I need a recipe for a summer soup that is not gazpacho and not a fruit soup. It doesn't have to be a cold soup but something "light" and flavorful that would be perfect for a hot summer day. Suggestions?

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  1. Perhaps epi's Carrot Soup with Ginger and Lemon? I've made this a few times...live in SWFL where right now, we are roasting and no.sign.of.rain.dammit.I.will.have.to.water.lawn.by.hand.tonight...wtf?...Sorry for the rant...it's just really really hot and dry here right now:


    1. We have been enjoying beet borscht-This one from the Food Network isn't traditional but it is bright tasting and even brighter looking!!

      1. What about vichysoisse (sp?) which is a cold leek and potato soup. Absolutely delicious and very refreshing. Also very easy to make.

        1. How about a Greek lentil soup with lots of fresh squeezed lemon? I have a nice recipe, if you're interested.

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            Would love the recipe for the Greek lentil soup.

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                -8 ounces brown lentils, rinsed and picked over
                -3 Tbsp. olive oil
                -2 cloves minced garlic
                -1 medium onion, minced
                -1 1/2 celery ribs, including leaves, chopped
                -1 large carrot, peeled and finely chopped
                -1 quart vegetable or chicken broth, preferably homemade
                -1/2 to 1 tsp. dried oregano
                -1/4 tsp. crushed dried rosemary
                -2 bay leaves
                -1 tablespoon tomato paste
                -salt, pepper, white pepper, and cayenne, to taste
                -splash of soy sauce (around 1 tsp.)
                -splash of balsamic vinegar
                -juice of 1 lemon
                -chopped parsley, for garnish


                1. In a large pot, sweat chopped onion, celery, and carrot in olive oil until almost tender. Add chopped garlic and tomato paste, stirring, until colored (about 45 seconds). Remove vegetables to a bowl.

                2. Add lentils and broth to pot and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Return vegetables to pot and add oregano, rosemary, bay leaves, and soy sauce.

                3. Bring to a simmer and season to taste with salt and pepper. Cover and continue cooking until the lentils have softened, 25-30 minutes or until tender. Add additional broth or water as needed. At splash of balsamic at the end to taste.

                4. This soup tastes best if you refrigerate it overnight before serving. It is amazing how much better it tastes after the flavors meld. Just before serving, season to taste with lemon juice. Start with the juice of half a lemon and work up to the whole if you like. I love it very lemony. Sprinkle with parsley and serve hot.

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                  What temperature do you serve this soup? Sounds really delicious indeed.

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                    I served it hot, but I'm a food temperature freak. I wouldn't serve it less than warm, though, because the olive oil might solidify.

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                    Thank you - I love lentil soups and this one looks great.

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                      That chilled creamy celery soup sounds great - do you have a recipe to share?

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                        Just looked at recipe - will try as soon as zucchini is in. Am always looking for something to do with zucchini and this looks easy and light.

                  3. Dill Pickle soup is the best. Does not take a lot of time to make, but the flavor is fantastic. This restaurant was close to us and I never had a bad batch! And, if you are lucky like I am, I have a separate burner on my outdoor grill so I don't have to heat up the house.


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                      Funny. My mother-in-law makes a "cheeseburger soup" that involves lots of pickle juice, plus Velveeta, ground beef, chicken broth, mustard, and I think canned tomatoes. It was OK. I will admit it was very tasty after coming home from a night out!

                    2. +1 for carrot, borscht or vichyssoise.

                      other options:
                      - avocado soup with crab or shrimp
                      - asparagus soup with crab or shrimp
                      - cucumber-yogurt soup with salmon & dill
                      - chilled buttermilk soup
                      - minted pea soup (or pea with tarragon)
                      - corn soup with crab

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                        Wow - some great suggestions. Are the recipes on Epicurious? Thanks!

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                          i was just riffing off the top of my head, but they're pretty standard combos so i'm sure you can find at least one or two variations of each of them on Epi.

                      2. Clean, pure tomato soup! Deborah Madison would be my starting point. Tomatoes, fresh herbs at their peak (marjoram, thyme, basil (esp spicy or thai basil?), necessary salt, a lovely light homemade broth. How can you go wrong? Drizzle on some gorgeous olive oil, or a pinch of truffle salt, or float a few fresh bocconcini, or dollop some chevre?

                        1. Salmon and vegetables in spicy tamarind broth (sinigang sampaloc na salmon). It is very quick-cooking, so the kitchen doesn't heat up and benefits from a surplus of summer vegetables: tomatoes, okra and Swiss chard.

                          Yogurt soups like tarator, yayla corbasi or kadhi are very light but flavorful. I've recently come across some lettuce soups that have piqued my imagination.

                          1. There have been some beautiful suggestions here. I would add a spicy corn chowder, with chicken or not (chicken really makes it more wintery, I think). If you go lighter on both the potatoes and the amount of the puree, with some nice chile and herb add-ins at the end, then it's summer fare. (Oooh, tortilla soup!) Corn chowder one of those soups that can serve a summer table with a deference that doesn't diminsh the intended taste: you can feel comfortable serving it with bowls of things to tailor the soup to each peron's palate (green salsa, sour cream, limes, rice, a variety of cheese, and tortilla chips). And it goes sooo well with beer.

                            I also wanted to mention (though you might well be aware) that you can find seasonal maps for cooking. Epicurious has a decent one (look for the peak season map, and enter your state for a , more or less, reasonable indicator of what's coming into your market). Light fare, at this time of year, often depends very heavily on properly ripen foods.

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                              Great hint - I did not know about the seasonal maps. Very useful. Thanks for the tip.

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                                How about ratatouille inspired soup? I make this all the time with an Italian twist. Sausage, mushrooms, chickpeas. In a similar vein is minestrone. Lots of fresh veggies.
                                I've had a Greek soup with chicken & orzo & lots of lemon I want to try to duplicate soon.

                            2. 1) Manhattan Clam Chowder ar any other thin-stock seafood soup. Use fresh chopped tomatoes plus canned tomato juice, or canned diced tomatoes as a base, with the addition of bottled clam juice or Better Than Bouillon clam or lobster base if you don't have fish fumet. Carrots, celery, onion, potato (or rice, or beans) and seasonings.
                              2) Chicken or vegetable broth to which you add your choice of shredded vegetables with varying textures and colors. Thin noodles or not. Your choice of seasoning profiles, such as Indian, Tex-Mex, Mediterranean..... There's more prep with shredded vegetables, but they cook in no time so llimit kitchen heat.

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                                I love cold watercress or sorrel soup in summer. Craig Claiborne's N.Y. Times Cookbook (one of my all-time favorites) has a wonderful recipe for cold cucumber soup, using cukes and watercress.

                                Another of my favorites is in a book that I've had for years, and which nobody else I know has ever heard of. It's called Madhur Jaffrey's Cookbook (novel title, eh?) and contains lots of east-meets-west recipes she's made for family and friends. This soup is also cold and combines yoghurt and green peas.

                                I'll be glad to post paraphrases of these recipes to anybody who's interested.

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                                  Jaffrey is fantastic.

                                  The boyfriend hates cold soups, but I have a feeling that the yogurt and green pea would be welcome on my table. And if not, I want it anyway. I'm curious if the construction of the yogurt is part of the recipe (something I've yet had the nerve or the appropriate thermometor to undertake), or if a good greek yogurt would work. I can, and do, get the good Greek stuff in abundance. Recipe, please? Please. And also, if you've made the soup, your impressions/alterations.

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                                    Hooray for green soups! I've come up with a recipe for one that I make a lot this time of year, when the farmer's markets in my area are stuffed with fresh greens. You'll need a bunch of kale, a bunch of parsley (yes a whole bunch), and something a little sweeter and tenderer are swiss chard or spinach. Sweat some diced onion and a few cloves of minced garlic in either butter or olive oil. Add as much stock as you think you'll need (it depends on how big your bunches of greens are, I always just estimate) and a diced potato (just a little starch to thicken slightly. Cook until the potato is tender, then add the greens and simmer until they are just cooked. You might have to add the heartier greens, like kale, first. Just careful not to overcook. They should all still be bright green. Then puree with a stick blender, add some fresh lemon juice and salt to taste, drizzle in a little good olive oil and you've got a lovely, light, extremely nutrient dense soup. And it's quick-cooking so it won't heat up your kitchen, a real plus in summer weather. I love it with some crusty bread!

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                                      I love Claiborne's cookbook also. Will look at the cold cucumber soup. The sorrel soup sounds very interesting and unusual. Do you have a recipe? Or I can google.

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                                        I made the tomato soup from Craig Clairborne's salt free diet book. Bought two many vine ripe tomatoes so I was able to use most of the tomatoes {6 cups}.

                                    2. i've been playing with zucchini a lot lately, so i've been experimenting to make a Creamy Creamless Chilled Zucchini soup (good warm too) with frico chips

                                      i've also recently made a roasted Yam soup with crispy fried sage on top.

                                      another great summer soup is chilled creamy celery soup (strained from strings of course).

                                      1. i make a white gazpacho. its very delish only has tomato as garnish and its no cook. interested ? let me know. happy to share recipe.

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                                          Yes! Definitely interested in white gazpacho. I have tried and tried to reply to your post and for some reason it will not post. Hope this works. Yes to white gazpacho recipe!!!

                                        2. I love a yogurt, cuke and dill soup. very refreshing and lowfat..

                                          1. I could eat this once every day-tastes like spa food..


                                            I dont worry about the cubed zucchini or crutonn-no needed

                                            1. i love this but have no idea what to call it. simmer a chunk of fresh ginger in chicken broth until the flavor is infused. remove the ginger. add diced fresh uncooked shrimp, diced tofu, julienned nori or spinach and cooked rice noodles. finish with fresh cilantro and lime juice.

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                                                I am copying that recipe NOW - Sounds delicious and easy. Thanks

                                              2. I gave the recipe on another cold soup thread a month or 2 ago for a cold borscht or holodnik.
                                                Grated beats diced cuke, scallion, dill, beet greens and thinned w/ buttermilk and with a hot boiled potato raft in the center. A lovely magenta color. Memories of childhood.

                                                1. I'm into Mollie Katzen's cascadilla this summer:

                                                    1. Carrot & coriander?


                                                      Tomato & basil?

                                                      1. Naengmyon.
                                                        It's a Korean buckwheat noodle soup with a very flavorful beef broth that is slightly sweet and sour.
                                                        Usually topped with shredded daikon, asian pear, thin sliced beef, and half of a boiled egg.

                                                        There are various versions that use use different noodles and ingredients, but this one I posted in another thread is a pretty good beginning.


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                                                          I just made a chilled melon, basil and tomato soup which was very nice and refreshing. Perfect for this time of year. By serving it with a crisped slice of proscutto salami on the side it became a play on proscutto and melon. My guests loved it.

                                                          Not really a recipe, dead easy to make in blender. Just combine canteloupe, tomatoes, salt and pepper and blend. I added the basil at the end.

                                                        2. I recently ran across some recipes for avocado soup and thought it sounded really interesting and perfect for summer. Thinking of trying it next week! This Williams Sonoma recipe is topped with shrimp and salsa and sounds fab... but there are lots of other variations out there, too. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe...

                                                          1. i haven't made this one in a while and i don't remember the quantities off the top of my head, but toss some tomatoes (i do remember the original called for cherry or grape, but i've used halved plums in a pinch), fennel, shallots, garlic in olive oil and roast in a 450-degree oven until well colored.

                                                            transfer to a soup pot and cover with chicken (or vegetable) broth, add a parm rind and a rosemary branch. cook until veggies are disintegrating. let cool, remove rind and rosemary, and puree (i used a food processor until i finally broke down and bought an immersion blender).

                                                            can be served hot, cold or room temp. great with a dollop of greek yogurt. freezes beautifully..

                                                            1. I just made Corn Soup with Avocado Cream and Cilantro from Suzanne Goins' Sunday Suppers at Lucques. It was really good, I served it just slightly warm. If you search for the title here on Chowhound, you'll find a thread that discusses it and gives the recipe.

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                                                                Sounds delicious and just what I'm in the mood for today! Here's the thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/309817

                                                              2. I intended to reheat a mug of beef vegetable soup the other day, then was in another room for a while. Didn't realize I hadn't pressed the start button on the microwave until I tasted the still-cool soup. It was actually nice as it was, on a hot day. No good for gelatinous or very thick soups but for thinner ones, perfectly acceptable.