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Jun 6, 2010 01:50 PM

Any place to buy organic chickens in Fort Myers?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a place to buy organic chicken in Fort Myers or the surrounding area. I would prefer a whole chicken or chicken breasts with the skin on. So far I've only seen organic boneless skinless chicken breasts but haven't been too impressed with the quality in Fresh Market, Publix, or even Whole Foods in Naples.

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  1. in Naples, on 41 there is an organic cafe and market called Food and Thought--its very good. it the sort of place you would expect in Berkeley or Venice, Ca and if there happens to be anyone from there in Naples--this is where you'd find them. tree-huggers, crunchies--they've heard it all but what you'll find is very good food and friendly service. as a matter of fact they expanded in a previous Starbuck's site that was not successful--thus they have a special place in my heart.

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      If there is a Costco near you; they sell fresh "Coleman's organic chickens, packed 2 to a bag. I find they are better than Publix "Greenwise" or Murray's "Free renge, (although Marray's is 2nd choice). Whole Foods organic chickens are very inconsistent in texture and flavor.

      1. re: ospreycove

        I buy these whole chickens at Costco also. They are quite good but I'd wish I could buy them on ice.
        I also get whole chickens at Fresh Market. I got one yesterday and it was delicious. They are not strictly organic but are free range and fed a wholesome diet without antibiotics. The butchers there will be glad to fill you in on the farm protocol for their chickens. Fresh Market used to sell the Bell and Evans amish chickens, but alas, no more.

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          I went looking online for Bell and Evans chickens and their website lists Ada's which is probably a mistake. I believe they have reopened but are not what they once were. I'll check it out this week though.

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            Lil',,I think Whole Foods sells Bell and Evans, at least they did before I stopped shopping there last year.

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              ada's has reopened? i'll have to tell my sister who liked their sandwiches.

              for the OP, let me ask you, lil ms foodie, does the sandy butler have things like organic chicken?

        2. re: Zeits

          Zeits, Thanks for the info. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm down in Naples.

          LilMsFoodie, I've tried the whole chicken from Fresh Market and from what I remember it wasn't too bad. I also saw the other day that Mario's started selling Bell & Evans chickens, which isn't strictly organic, but is still pretty good.

          Alkapal, Sandy Butler does not have organic chickens.

          Last time I was in Whole Foods they had whole organic chickens which was a nice surprise.

          Thanks to everyone for their input.

          1. re: duckfat73

            Zeits - So I went to Food and Thought tonight to check it out and, again, I have to say thank you. I was impressed with the quality of the produce and the organic selection that they offer.

            I bought a whole organic chicken, got home, quartered it and grilled it with just plain 'ole salt and pepper. Man, that chicken was so juicy and had a wonderful chicken flavor to it. I was surprised to see all the organs still in tact!

            It's a ride to get there but definitely worth it for the chicken.

            Food and Thought
            2132 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL 34102