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Epicurious.com and crab cake recipes

I've been reading the Tried and True Recipes from Epicurious.com thread. It's lengthy with so many great suggestions for recipes to try.
I'm specificallly looking for a highly recommended tried and true crab cake recipe. A search of the website itself comes up with about 37 recipes and many are 4-5 star.
Can any of you help me narrow it down further by suggesting the one(s) you love on Epicurious or another site. Hate to waste expensive crab meat.
Thank you!

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  1. As many versions as I've tried, I always go back to the traditional recipe from Old Bay. When I want a good crab cake, this is the quintessential example.

    Only tweaks I make are to substitute fresh parsley for dried, and to add a little lemon zest and hot sauce (Tabasco or Louisiana-style).....


    1. I have made the Crab Cakes with Red Bell Pepper for years. I love this recipe - totally delicious. I do not put in hard boiled egg as my husband does not like it that way and I agree with him - totally not necessary and saves a few steps. I make the crab cakes a few hours ahead, form into cakes, refrigerate, and then, following suggestions from other reviewers, bake in oven. [Baked them at 325 for 15 minutes. Spoon some melted butter on them and increase the temp to 425 for 5 minutes. If you are making small cakes, cut time] I have served them with various sauces but they are fine just plain. I like this recipe because it uses no mayo, can be done ahead and baked in oven. Let me know what you think if you try them.

      1. Forgot to say - I use a bit of Old Bay instead of salt. Another suggestion from reviews.

        1. It's far from a traditional Maryland recipe, but even my family in Baltimore goes crazy for the Louisiana deviled crab cakes on Epicurious.com. It's hard to overstate how popular these are every time I make them. I made 50 for a party of 20 a while ago and they were gone in less than 5 minutes.

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          1. The '21' Club Crabcake recipe is one of my favorites (be sure to chill), but I more often make the Super Rich Virginia Crabcakes because my husband always asks for those.



            1. i am a native marylander and i love me some crabcakes. and i generally love them like they are made in maryland... with old bay.


              a few months ago, my mom made me these crab cakes that were OUT OF THIS WORLD! as it turns out, they are one of tyler florence's "ultimate" dishes. they were served on a celery root slaw and with a roasted tomato vinaigrette salad. and i have to tell you that it was the best meal i had ever had!!!



              unless you are looking for a traditional crabcake, you will absolutely love this entire meal!!! and i have to say that the celery root slaw is a fantastic accompaniment.

              1. In my opinion, there are two types of crab cakes: the simplest possible suited to only the best crabmeat and mixed with nothing but panko and egg white, or one that falls into the "deviled" camp such as the delicious-looking recipe JungMann links to below.

                As expensive as good crabmeat is here in the Midwest, I simply can't bring myself to add onion, garlic, Old Bay, or especially bell pepper to it, despite how appetizing the final result may be. I know this will brand me a heretic, but I'd just as soon use surimi as the real deal in a cake with a lot of other flavors competing with the crab.

                The best I've ever tasted are my mother's, made with the above method and fried in about an inch of corn oil. If I'm ever executed, this is my final meal request.

                1. Oops, sorry, reading through the above responses I misunderstood. I thought you were asking which of the Epicurious.com recipes you wanted recommendations on.

                  Though I think I may have to try all the recipes posted - they all sound so good. As dmd_kc mentions, if I have access to super-fresh blue crab, Maryland crab, etc. I go more simple. However, that's not very often. So this week, I'm going to try those deviled crabcakes or the one raygunclan posted. I actually have Tyler's "Ultimate" cookbook and will have to make those crabcakes because everything I've made from that book has been a winner (like Wings with Curry-Lime Butter, Angry Lobster with Tomato-Chile Butter, and his version of Spaghetti with Clams). I just looked up the recipe (page 60) and the pics looks delicious, as does the chipotle-lime mayo with it.

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                    rubee- make sure to make the whole meal. i promise that it will not disappoint! EVEN the celery root slaw!!! the flavor of the crabmeat with the slaw... i think i might look for an occasion this week to make them too! :)

                  2. Suggest you just do a Google for Md crab cakes--youll find some crab sellers and an association or two with recipes---But the main twist is not to add a bunch of things (bell pepper etc.) Very simple prep then broil or pan fry. I'll try to post a couple I have when I get back to my recipe CDs

                    1. Gotta agree with "MTOMTO" assuming you are using back fin lump. Our family recipe is:
                      1lb. Blue Crab back fin lump
                      2 T chopped parsley (opt.)
                      2 T mayo
                      1 slices of fresh white bread crumbs
                      2tps fresh lemon juice
                      1tsp dry mustard (opt.)
                      1tsp old bay (opt.)
                      2tsp Worcestershire sauce (opt.)

                      Mix every thing except the crab then fold in the crab carefully not to break up the lumps.
                      Do not pat cakes out . Simply mound in a med hot skillet filmed with oil or on a greased cookie sheet gently form into a cake shape ( or not ). They should be about 1.5" thick and 2.5" in diam. Cook at med heat or under the broiler with out bothering them until the bottom browned. Carefully turn and brown the other side.
                      if you opt out on the old bay or Worcestershire sauce make sure you add salt and pepper to taste.

                      1. Try my favorite recipe, it is from a chef named Luc Huysentruyt. It is found here: http://www.gourmetrecipe.com/recipes/...

                        1. Pam Anderson's crab cakes. No panko and light on fillers: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/perfect-... . Being a Left Coaster, I use Dungeness crab.

                          Also good subbing leftover salmon (preferrably Sockeye) for the crab.