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Jun 6, 2010 12:47 PM

Freshly dug potatoes - what's best way to cook?

At the farmers market this morning DH bought a pound of freshly dug small white potatoes. What's the best way to cook them? The skins are very thin and moist. Boil briefly? Is roasting a possibility?

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  1. I love to boil them [or steam depending on size], toss with some salt, pepper and butter and then top with some freshly clipped chives. You just taste the essence of potato. So earthy and delicious.

    1. My grandmother grew potatoes; her best show was one of three ways: simply boiled with a sprinkle of salt & pepper & melted butter; fried potatoes with onions, cooked until the onions were falling apart goodness. Third, mashed...they make the most delicious mashed potatoes especially if you caramelize some garlic & onions to add. Yum!

      1. I don't know of a formal name, but you boil them till just tender in salted water then thicken with flour, add butter, some milk, and lots of black pepper....Serve in a bowl, with hot corn bread...Oh My!!!

        Help me out Cheryl...What do you call this??

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          That sounds like what my grandmother called potato stew, Uncle Bob. She'd sometime crumble her cornbread or biscuit in hers & eat it that way. Simple & delicious!

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            My grand-mother made it, as did my mom...been eating it all my life but never knew what to call it...Lots of black pepper at the table...Yum!! Yum!! ~~~ Oh, and if a piece of cornbread just happen to fall in....Oops!! Hahaha!! ~~~ Just thought about ...before we would actually dig the potatoes, we would go up and "grapple" around and find the little 'new' potatoes and make this...Just awesome!!!

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            Traditional New England 4th of July treat is creamed potatoes (kinda like that) in a pot with new shelled peas, served alongside salmon. We weren't in New England, and in Illinois our season for this was about a month earlier, but Mom's version was served with a molded jellied tuna loaf, and the combination curled my little toes right up. Still does - yum!

          3. I would steam them instead of boiling. Less flavor loss and it's just as quick.

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              Microwave. Even less water

              Then serve them hot with melted butter and sprinkled with herbs. Or serve cold, sliced in a salad like a Nicoise

            2. Wash them, cut "x"s on them, toss them in olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt. Now, toss them in a HOT cast iron skillet (already heated in a 400 degree oven) and bake till they are tender and "exploded."