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Jun 6, 2010 11:06 AM

Rome for three days

My husband and I will be in Rome for three days before we transfer to Ruby Princess for a Mediterranean/Greek Isle cruise. We will have Friday (most of it once checked into hotel Cicerone) to ourselves and doing tours Saturday and Sunday. We will need dinner each of those two days as well. We are not into offal (spelling?) but do enjoy most everything else. We most likely won't be looking to dress up for dinner, but do enjoy good food, with a fun/local type atmosphere and like to sample variety. Friday we plan on doing as much walking as our feet can take and can wind up anywhere. Saturday and Sunday, after the tours return us to our hotel, we can travel for dinner if need be. Looking for suggestions for the little time we have there.

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  1. Why not rifle through posts on this very board over the past two-three weeks? You will find many recs to satisfy your query.

    1. Hilary, I think you asked the same question a few weeks ago and got some answers. - also maybe in connection with your markets query. look on My Posts to see.

      Also if you go to the Restaurants and Bars page and put your hotel address into the search box, you will get a list of restaurants nearby with some info.Here

      I think a lot of the responses you received before before related to the fact you were going in August. Many restaurants, including on that list, are closed for part or all of that month. So you may wnat to do some extra research or send some emails based on your actual spefic dates or be a little flexible.

      either way, if you come back with some more specifics of where you expect to be touring, folks can give more targetted advice. For example, if you want to spend an evening inTrastevere, which is a "lively Greenwich Village type neighborhood,, folks here can point to you a good meal..Or if you think you are going to be touring near the Forum, visiting churches around the Pantheon or some such, or checking out the Testaccio market and need a lunch place, that too.