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Jun 6, 2010 10:36 AM

Caravelle for dinner

Heading to Caravelle for dinner tonight in Richardson. I always seem to order the same thing. We love their food but kinda want to branch out a little. Any suggestions that we should try?

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  1. I had dinner at Caravelle tonight as well. I had stopped going there for a while because, as good as their food is, they are quite expensive. But, I had a date with a Korean lady and I wanted to go somewhere nice.
    And, in addition to my above reasoning, its cash only at FCBBQ and I didn't want to use all my cash. But, at Caravelle, I knew I could use my Amex. NOT! The kicker is, their credit card system was out tonight and I had to pay cash anyway!
    And talk about being expensive...
    We had, one order of shrimp balls, one order shrimp with vegetables and, one order Szechuan style squid with Chinese broccoli. Total with tax: $50.93! PLUS, a $10.00 tip. That's highway robbery.
    The same food at First Chinese BBQ would have been at least, half that price. And, better tasting, too.
    Analisasas mom, if you haven't been to First Chinese BBQ, you definitely need to try it. It's the best! But, bring cash.

    First Chinese BBQ
    111 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX 75081

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      That is so funny that you went also. Not to mention the problem with the credit card machine. We we're the people that they thought didn't leave a tip when we had already left a 15.00 tip in cash. You probably saw us at the front trying to make the owner understand. Anyway she finally figured it out. Our food wa so good. I didn't think it was all that expensive and also the service is really good.Vanessa has worked there 17 years and we have gone for a long time so she knows us. I have tried FCBBQ on beltline in Carrollton, and yes the food is good, but the las time I was there the bathroom was really filthy and that freaked me out and then the staff was so rude and rushed us so much that I left with a really over all bad experience. I would rather pay a little more if I feel I have good service and I feel the place is clean. Have you ever looked up what FCBBQ scores on their health inspections. It is public infor ( scary)

    2. I think we left before you. If-you were the family sitting in at a table by south wall. Would be you, your husband, daughter, (vs daughter-in-law only because she looks like you) son-in-law and an 8-9 year old girl. Your, grand daughter I presume.
      That woman you thought was the owner is actually the manager. Karen has always taken good care of us. But all the girls know me because I've gone there for years as well.
      RE: FCBBQ. I understand what you mean about FCBBQ having filthy restrooms. However, they're "spotless" compared to what they used to be years ago. We have no problem with the staff because we go very frequently (at least twice a week). Ming and all the serving ladies know us very well and take excellent care of us.
      And, the food is far less than most other places. Especially, Caravelle.

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      1. re: twinwillow

        twin that was us, but I am the daughter not the Mother. We will have to try FCBBQ again sometime,I know from all your post you can be trusted . Have you ever tired the Chinese Place in Carrollton on Josey and Frankford next to the Viet. Market? It's really cheap and also very good. The only thing is they are never busy and that makes we wonder how fresh their food is. I need to look up their score. I don't like eating any where that receives less than a 90 from the health Inspector.

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          Oh by the way I did try a new dish at Caravelle, the beef with snow pea sprouts. It was so good, then Husband had the scallop in I think a bean sauce. Very good as well.

        2. Oh, I think that's very funny. As soon as I read this topic you started, I knew that was you! I Just got mom and daughter reversed.
          I've not been to the place you've mentioned. Although, they could be busier at lunch.
          The owners at FCBBQ have really had to "clean up they're act" over the last few years. But the (men's) restroom is much cleaner than it used to be.
          Next time I spot you, I'll come over and say hello.