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Jun 6, 2010 09:42 AM

St John Bread and Wine - Menu Query

I am considering SJB&W for a sunday meal with friends in July and was wondering what the portion sizes were like for the smaller/cheaper plates? Unfortunately am busy saving for a holiday, but am keen to try here and was therefore wondering are the cheaper plates starter size/mezze size etc? I would like to try as much as possible when there, so was thinking a good selection between the four of us would be a good, reasonably priced option, or is this not the done thing and the larger plates are expected to be ordered?

If anyone has any suggestions for good set menu sunday lunches as possible alternative I would also be interested in hearing them.

Thanks for any info

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  1. They're big portions, if I'm going with a friend we usually order two small plates and an appetizer and I always leave over-full. The price to size/quality ratio is better at SJB&W than 95% of fine dining restaurants in the city.

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      really? this wouldnt be enough for me! i guess it depends on how greedy you are. my gf and i usually share 2 small plates + a main, then get a dessert each...

    2. The jam or custard filled donuts there are great, as are the baked to order madelines (have to consume right away, nothing special once they cool).

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        So for a table of four, maybe 6-8 small plates and a main would suffice, plus plenty of their awesome bread?

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          As a regular - I'll pitch in.

          2 small plates per person and a dessert is usually the policy I follow, but some small plates can be bigger or smaller than others. Equally the mains can vary. Personally I don't find many of the mains lend themselves so well to the sharing concept, so I would generally be more minded to getting all small plates (unless something really takes your fancy). That said something like one of their pies are ideal for sharing.

          Sorry, that was a mindless wander. My rule of thumb would be 2 small plates per person and a dessert. Add any mains, treating one of them as two small ones. The bread comes free, and in super generous quantities, often making appearances in the dishes themselves. Be mindful, I'm a big big eater, and that will fill me up completely. So if you have some less gluttinous member of your party, I'd scale back a little bit.