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Jun 6, 2010 09:32 AM

dominique bouchet or similar non-3* haute cuisine

Looking for a "haute cuisine" dinner but without the 3* prices. I had a good meal at dominique bouchet a few years ago, and am wondering whether it is still good or whether there are other similar alternatives where one can eat/drink for 100-135 euros per person. Many thanks.

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  1. I really don't know what to tell you and am only posting to bounce your question back to the top. On our May 2010 trip we enjoyed ourselves for much less than you suggest, so maybe you are looking for something better than Frenchy's, Le 122, Marcab, Au Dernier Metro, le Comptoir (lunch) and several personal favorites nobody on chowhound likes but my wife and myself.

    Anyway, here's hoping some qualified help will arrive.

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      This isn't exactly recent, but my wife and I ate at Dominique Bouchet in late May 2009 and enjoyed ourselves. The food wasn't creative or boundary pushing, but it was executed well and tasted good. The service was especially good and we really enjoyed ourselves. At that time, I was also looking for an upscale meal without a really high price tag and Dominique Bouchet fit the bill perfectly.

      Another option that comes to mind is Violon D'Ingres. We had a nice time there, but found the food to be solid, but not exceptional.

      1. re: hychka

        "several personal favorites nobody on chowhound likes but my wife and myself."
        Come on, cough up the faves.

        1. re: John Talbott

          Bistro de Breteuil, Le Canton, Dalva, Mon Vieil Ami & L'Avant Gout, each totally different. We like the staff and the experience as well as the food in different proportions.

            1. re: hychka

              My wife asked me to add her personal favorites, Hidden Kitchen, which I didn't mention because reservations are now almost impossible, and Jim Haynes' Sunday Dinner party, which only lefties would enjoy and the food is improving, but nothing to write up.

        2. I've never been disappointed at db (altho' I know others have) nor paid what you're quoting, but I eat at lunch and enjoy his 50 cl Bordeaux.

          "haute cuisine" dinner but without the 3* prices"
          How about L’Agapé, Le Concert de Cuisine & Chez La Vieille Adrienne?