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Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSAs etc. week of June 6th

Last year we needed weekly threads to keep up with the conversation. A couple of the older ones seem active. Should I keep setting up a weekly or would the local food fans prefer to have fewer conversations going?

Mentioned elsewhere but I tried the pizza shell (partly baked) that Iggy's had at Copley this week and was surprized at how good they were. I usually work from good raw dough. For a quick meals they are a great option.

The baby arugula from Old Friends Farm was fantastic.

So, who is shopping where this week? I'll be going to Belmont (opens on the 10th) to cover that Market for Serious Eats. I can't wait to try the bread so many have raved about from Mamadou's Artisan Bakery



Mamadou's Artisan Bakery
63 Swanton St, Winchester, MA 01890

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  1. I just picked up a couple of quarts of strawberries from Connors Farm Stand in Danvers and they are perfect. I'm going to try to check out their strawberry festival June 19!

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      I picked 4 quarts at Connors on Thurs - at $2.99 a pound they're just unbelievable. Looking forward to opening day at the Salem Farmers Market (June 17).

    2. Hit Dewey Sq..best produce at Kimballs. Bought some fresh garlic, mizuna and arugula. A few other places, When Pigs Fly and some Swiss place.

      The MIT cart, Clover Lab? is there. Menu looked interesting but I'm not much of a veggie eater; so strolled over to LaGrassa's for pastrami and corned beef. That's a meal..:)

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        Colleague on errand to DTC bringing me back one of SL's Tuesday spec'ls:
        "Grilled Texas Brisket": oven roasted brisket with chipotle mayo, swiss cheese & cole slaw grilled on pumpernickel.

      2. Looking ahead to next week --- Medford Farmers' Market will open again on June 17th in a new location -- the Whole Foods parking lot in West Medford on Route 16. Hours 3 to 7.

        1. Monday's Central Square market in Cambridge much more active than two weeks ago - Dick's Market Garden and Farmer Al both have their stands set up and everyone's greens were overflowing. I got some asparagus at Kimball (cooking tonight), some good strawberries and some *great* tomatoes at Dick's, some more tomatoes (haven't tried yet) and conversation (always entertaining) from Al, who says the honey may be ready in August, and an enormous head of lettuce from Hutchins Farm. The folks doing fresh pasta and sauces had a crowd tasting samples in front of their stand - I don't usually buy prepared food at the markets, but the sample I tried two weeks ago was tasty. There's a new organic vendor as well - something Hammock Farms? They were mostly selling plants and greens (of which I had too much already) but they looked good. Snap pea season and cherry season both just starting, which is pretty exciting.

          1. I just had my first CSA pickup from Luna Farm in North Reading. What a bounty! The sunny weather has apparently meant good things for veggies. This week we got:

            2 quarts of strawberries
            Bok Choi
            Swiss Chard
            Pea Tendrils
            Garlic Scapes

            A few other things I can't remember, but quite a bit, even though we split the order with someone else. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

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              My first p/u @ Luna Farm too. BEAUTIFUL produce and really nice folks. They also had spinach and a mustardy type green. Just put together a huge spinach salad for lunch.

            2. Just an fyi for those near Danvers that Connors Farm still has shares available for this season! I just signed up...first time with them for us (we did Heaven's Harvest last year with mixed results). The Saturday pick up day is going to make a big difference for us and I've heard such good things about the produce!


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                We have a CSA with Connors this year and can't wait for Saturday. Got an e-mail heads-up about what to expect and it all looks terrific. " Our first pick up days are this weekend, June 11th and 12th. You can expect to receive:
                2 quarts strawberries,1 Romaine Lettuce, Boston Lettuce, Rhubarb, Salad Mix or Arugula, Spring Cress, Broccoli Rab, Radishes, Braising Greens."

                We've been shopping there for years and years so it's about time we joined. Picked up strawberries last Saturday and they were wonderful...

              2. The Arlington farmers market starts tonight (June 9th)

                1. Picked up my half share from Allandale CSA yesterday: scallions, spring garlic, mesclun mix, spinach, young peppery watercress, kale, huge napa cabbage, red leaf lettuce. Fabulous! Salads, green shakes, baja fish tacos for upcoming meals, and thinking about making some kimci with the napa....

                  1. I picked up some dandelion greens from Siena Farms at Copley on Tuesday. Last night I turned them into a gratin with some goat cheese and bread crumbs from an old iggy francsese loaf. Really delicious--not bitter at all. I am planning a big market shop tomorrow at Copley.

                    1. Just got back from the Belmont Farmer's Market. Ah, what a nice reminder of summer on this dreary cool day. Bought some strawberries at the Farm School, potted parsley, potted tarragon and potted nasturium. But don't think based on my purchases that its plants only. Lovely greens, garlic scapes, and sweet cherries were also present. The air is already filled with the scent of basil. There were also stands with gelato, baked goods, bread, cheese, and fresh pasta.

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                        We may have passed each other; I was there earlier this afternoon too. Got some lovely lettuce seedlings from Hutchins Farm, some baba ganouj from Samira's, pain au levain from Mamadou's (OMG they had both the cranberry pecan and raisin pecan loaves... too good to even think of buying either, the kind of bread that might not even make it home), strawberries from Dick's and all sorts of freebies at the Belmont Municipal Light Department table. (Did you know you can bring your used-up batteries to them at the Farmer's Market for recycling?) There was an AMAZING array of greens at a number of stands but I still have some from my Lexington Farmers Market run on Tuesday. Oh, and there is a new vendor selling cheese from Foxboro (very fresh-tasting fromage blanc and some others) and another new vendor specializing in honey from Carlisle. Stillman's at the Turkey Farm had a big selection of meat and the pasta guy was back too. It was so pleasant to visit with the vendors and farmers' market acquaintences after so many months!

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                          I may have photos of both of you. We arrived before the Belmont market opened to prepare a piece I'm doing on it. It is a great market and we put a dent in our market budget for the week.

                          We stocked up on Jams from Allison at Mother's Pure Preserves. Bread from Mamadou's Artisan Bakery, Cherries, berries, asparagus, and tomatoes from Kimball Fruit Farm.

                          And, the tart we bought from Leslie Wolf Baking never made it to the car. We loaded our stuff in the trunk and then split it. It was so good.


                          Mamadou's Artisan Bakery
                          63 Swanton St, Winchester, MA 01890