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Jun 6, 2010 08:35 AM

Fresh Grill, new in Bethesda

So a new burger joint has opened a half-block from BGR. There must be a huge market for burgers in B'town. Question: Anyone eaten there yet? Can it succeed?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I had the grilled chicken burger today and was very disappointed. The marinade overpowered the delicate cole slaw that they serve on the sandwich. I was wishing i had gone to BGR for my usual tuna burger.

        1. I ate there twice this week. First, I had the fish and chips which was terrific. Fish was excellent, slaw (marinated, not creamy) was outstanding, but the home-made chips didn't rise much above store-bought. My lunch companion pointed out that Brits would be puzzled by what they call chips. My guess is they will eventually introduce fries.

          My second meal was the burger. I only eat burgers 3-4 times a year, but Fresh Grill's could become addictive. Easily as good as Ray's, and much closer to home.

          Prices are a little steep, but the opening week 20% discount brought them in line.

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            I had the bacon cheddar burger and thought it was EXCELLENT quality and taste. Love the brioche-buttery bun and homemade potato chips, too. Spoke to the owners- they are very nice-would love to see this place do well.

          2. I ate there yesterday. I had the fish sandwich and it was great. I could have use a bigger piece of fish, but it certainly tasted great and the fish wasn't the least bit greasy. I agree w/ another poster that the chips weren't all the much better than you can get in a bag at the store. My wife got the grilled chicken and it tasted good, but it had the opposite issue - the chcken breast was huge .... too thick and uneven. The staff was awesome. The guy at the register was a customer service oriented as you can be and the manager (I think her name was Julie) introduced herself, asked about our sandwiches and gave us some cookies before we left. She 'gets it' - make a connection with your customers. Good job Julie! I too really hope this place does well and I'll definitely go back fro some burgers this week.

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              I tried the fish sandwhich too. I thought it was fine-- but it could have used more seasoning. (Hey, I southern). I do like the panko-like breading, and yes it wasn't very greasy.