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Attending a conference in Quebec City - arriving tonight June 6th and leaving tues evening - looking for suggestions in walking distance from Hilton Hotel or Convention Centre - what is your best suggestion for great (and reasonably priced) food

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  1. There are a few threads on this board for restaurants in Quebec City, if you search. The Hilton is within walking easy distance of most places to consider - it's a short walk downhill to rue St. Jean, and not too far in the other direction is St. Roch. Reasonably priced food is a bit tricky to find in Quebec City, IMHO - prices are definitely higher than in Montreal, but it depends what you consider reasonable.

    1. For good french food :
      -Cafe le Hobbit is a nice ''bistro'' (St-Jean/Ste-Genevieve)
      -If you don't mind walking 15-20 min, you can try the excellent food of Cafe du Clocher Penche in St-Roch (St-Joseph E/Caron) 40$ without drinks
      -Les Bossus is a nice inexpensive place in St-Roch (St-Joseph E/la Chapelle)
      -Cochon Dingue on Rene-Levesque is pretty decent(corner of Cartier).

      For good quality burgers in a nice old place I would suggest Chez Victor (corner of Turnbull). A little further on St-Jean (a 15 minutes walk). There's is like 5 Chez Victor in Quebec City but this one is so nice!

      For great sushis, there is Enzo on Rene-Levesque, also on the corner of Turnbull.

      One of the best restaurant in town is le St-Amour on Ste-Ursule. 80$ without drinks

      Avoid les Anciens Canadiens, le Parmesan and le Portofino... tourists trap! Well most ''in wall'' restaurants.

      My last recommandation would be Cafe Sirocco on Rene-Levesque, right next to Cochon Dingue.

      Chez Victor
      2360 Ch Ste Foy Pyramide, Quebec, QC G1R, CA

      Cafe Sirocco
      64 Boul Rene-Levesque W, Quebec, QC G1R2A4, CA

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        thanks to all who took trouble to reply - appreciate the advice - full day today but going to try one of the places for lunch tomorrow