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Food magazine shops in London?

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Since Borders has closed in London it's difficult to find a newsagent/shop with a good selection of food magazines (Australian Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Entertaining & Travel - Australia, Bon Appetit, etc).

Anyone know of any options in Central London/London Bridge/Waterloo area?

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  1. Selfridges has a good international magazine selection. And the magazines are near the chocolate department, which is is always handy.

    1. I sympathise, I quite recently relocated to London and miss Australia Gourmet Traveler very very much.

      1. There's an excellent newsagent on Charlotte Street, just next to Gaucho. I buy Australian VE&T from there, along with a few others. Not sure if they have Australian Grourmet Traveller though...

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          I'm sure I've seen Australian Gourmet Traveller in Waterstones Picadilly.