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Jun 6, 2010 02:59 AM

Dinner suggestions for next Wednesday night in Paris.....

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, so my apologies if it isn't categorized in the correct spot! I currently live in Paris, but my friend's mom and her friend will be spending a couple of days in Paris before continuing on to Germany.

I am in my 20s and am quite social, so I know all of the good spots for my age group/social set. However, I'm looking for something a little less on the trendy I'm dealing with typical American moms here (no offense). Any of you foodies have suggestions for a great typical French restaurant, with good atmosphere, and not painfully touristic? They are only here for a couple of days as I said, so I'm trying to cram in as much of a Parisian experience as possible in one evening.

Many thanks in advance and looking forward to your suggestions!

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    1. As you're probably noticed from scanning the prior threads, this is a very active forum and dozens of places are recommended each week. It would be helpful to us if you narrowed down what you're looking for a bit beyond "great typical French restaurant, with good atmosphere, and not painfully touristic" and told us some of the places you like that if we "age them" 25 years would be great for your folks.

      John Talbott's Paris

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        Budget - 50€ / person (not extremely strict on this)

        John, these lovely ladies are around 45 years old and are typical Southern moms. Frenchie was my automatic suggestion to myself, although I was looking for something with a more energetic atmosphere. I almost considered L'Entrecôte, but quickly checked it off the list of possibilities when considering menu options and the possibility of them being picky eaters. Plus, I'm not extremely fond of steak and fries (yes, I am sure I am American) no matter how well they are cooked.

        In regards to my preferences, now that the summer has decided to make an appearance (with the exception of today's rain)....I love outdoor eating and lighter fare, such as seafood and Mediterranean or Basque cuisine. A few places I find myself going back to include Afaria, Frenchie, Le Marcab, Mama Shelter rooftop (moreso for drinks than food), Pershing Hall.

        1. re: MMTNYC

          Humm, more energetic than Frenchie's along the lines of Afaria, Le Marcab, Mama Shelter rooftop and Pershing Hall." OK, how about Grand Pan or l'Agrume or Le Reminet; for seafood and Medit - La Mediteranee; Basque - Chez l'Ami Jean.

      2. What John said. Also, do feel free to share your favorite haunts with us aging hipsters. ;)

        1. hey, i just went with my folks to il vino, a small, one star restaurant in the 7th. they dont have a menu, but you choose your wine and they serve you your food according to it. despite the gimickyness of that, the food was really really good - very simple, extremely well cooked. I started with a morel risotto and then the most perfectly cooked pigeon i've ever eaten, served with some delicately cooked spring vegetable. its not old style french brasserie but might be a fun - and certainly delicious - experience.

          1. I am a New York foodie in my mid-20s and will be traveling to Paris with my brother next week. What are the "good spots for [our] age group/social set? Thank you!