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Jun 6, 2010 01:51 AM

Christmas Lunch Tokyo

I will be in Tokyo with my family (from Australia) over Christmas this year. Very keen to try everything Japanese but would like a traditional European Christmas lunch (doesn't have to be traditional Christmas fare tho'). Does anyone have any suggestions for a good-very good Euro style restaurant (cost not really an issue) that will be OK with 6 and 9 yo children.

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  1. Tokyo has thousands of Italian, French and other European restaurants, and there's been a lot of discussion of them on this board already. December 25 isn't a holiday here, so everywhere should be open, and I would think that children shouldn't be a problem at lunchtime. Tokyo is very geographically spread out though, so if you narrow it down to a neighborhood people here might have some specific suggestions.

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      Thanks. Yes, probably not specific enough, was last in Tokyo over 15 years ago and you forget its size (especially being from Brisbane). Will probably be staying in Meguro or Shinjuku but am happy to jump on a train. Also want to have a look at St. Mary's cathedral in Bunkyo so around there would be good. Any help?