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Jun 5, 2010 07:20 PM

Kosher in Hampton Roads?

Google lists the deli on 22nd St. and 2 ice cream places. Dh will be entertaining a client who keeps strict kosher. Where do they eat?

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  1. Little Israel on Independence Blvd in Va Bch, is a kosher market/deli

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    1. re: ccoffeegod

      But no meals served. This is a serious problem. I remember hearing that many people when to Francos in Norfolk after temple, but I think Francos is gone.

      1. re: VAfoodie

        You might also check for listings and reviews of kpsher establishments and you might post this on the kosher board of Chowhound

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          Really, I have had lunch there several times. I guess they stopped doing that.

      2. Outside of NY, LA and Miami, very few cities have kosher restaurants, particularly an upscale place suitable for business dinners. Places like Hampton Roads simply lack a large enough population of people who keep kosher to support restaurants. And fyi, the way you phrased your comment, "where do they eat" , could come across as somewhat insulting. I'm assuming you didn't mean it that way.

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        1. re: CharlotteChowhound

          If I have insulted anyone, I certainly did not intend to. Where do my husband and his business associate eat?

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            I wish I could tell you; I was simply pointing out that it would be amazing if Hampton Roads had a kosher restaurant. They are very rare outside of a few major metropolitan areas that have significant jewish populations. Your best bet is probably to go to Little Israel, buy some kosher approved food and serve it at your home. You'll also need to do some research on how to make your kitchen kosher to do that. You might also want to post something on CH's kosher board asking for advice. Good luck!