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Jun 5, 2010 06:39 PM

Zaatar on Flat Bread

Hi. What is the best way to put zaatar no flat bread? First, I brushed olive oil on some flat bread that was stuffed with Nabulsi cheese. I then sprinkled a thin layer of zaatar with a spoon on top of the stuffed flat bread. Put in the toaster oven at 400. Within minutes, the zaatar was all burnt. I tried a second time using a thicker layer of zaatar and lower temp. It came out O.K., but there was too much loose zaatar on top. Should I mix the olive oil and zaatar in a bowl first (to kind of form a paste)? Thanks in advance.

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  1. That's how I do it - olive oil and zaatar to make a paste that is thick but still easily spreadable. I actually spread it on raw dough and bake it like a pizza, and it turns out very nicely. Love the stuff.

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      Thats how I do it as well. I'm sure its probably a sacrilege but I often ask that they wrap my falafel in a zaatar covered pita at my favorite middle eastern restaurant.

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        Oh god yes. Any time I see a zaatar flatbread I insist they they wrap my sandwich in it.

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        Thanks, I'm going to try that Sunday.

      3. I grilled some pizza dough the other week and simply brushed olive oil and added zaatar when it was done. Delicious! I ate way too much of it!

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          I made a Lebanese flat bread. Sprinkled zaatar over the entire bread and drizzled olive oil over the top. Zaatar did not burn.