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Jun 5, 2010 05:49 PM

NIce lunch over Bay Bridge?

My elderly mom just moved here from SW Pennsylvania and I'd like to take her for a nice
seafood lunch somewhere over on the Eastern Shore. I'm sure she won't eat steamed
crabs, but she'd enjoy any other seafood item. Would prefer something about a 2 hr
drive from Columbia, with a pretty water view. Any ideas??

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  1. Here are two places about an hour from Columbia, about 10 minutes from the other side of the Bay Bridge, both on Kent Narrows: The Narrows, and Bridges Restaurant. The former is upscale casual, with excellent crabcakes, oysters, and other seafood. The latter is new but I've heard some fairly good feedback so far.

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      If you continue to Easton, 18 miles further than Kent Narrows, there is Mason's, Barlett Pear Inn and Out of the Fire. All excellent and very nice atmosphere.

      1. re: namret

        Agreed that the Easton establishments offer great food and atmosphere, but I don't remember if any of them have water views.

    2. I would try Kentmorr on Kent Island, just a few miles south of 50 on Rt 6. Good seafood, and if you like (can stand the heat), sit outside and get your mom to run her toes through the sand. My Mom has passed on but would absolutely love it! Great view right on the beach of the bay across to Annapolis. Steamed crabs there are my favorite!

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        You all are the best !!! Thanks for the suggestions !!!

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          You REALLY want to go to the Narrows. Not only the best crabcakes you will find anywhere but also the best cream of crab soup. (Similar to Ray's crab bisque but richer.) There are ten years of posts on here about both of these: consistently the Narrows are the best. This is also an excellent restaurant overall. Yes, it is on the water. No it is not a crabhouse. I believe it is the best overall seafood restaurant on Maryland's Eastern shore. Their website:

          This is their crab cake recipe:

          1. re: Joe H

            This recipe confuses me. Why would I preheat my oven to 500 degrees then deep fry in a pan?

            1. re: Joe H

              The Narrows menu has never changed over the years so I'm sick of it. However, a newbie might enjoy it at least one time. Just OK in my opinion though.

              1. re: namret

                Namret, which seafood restaurant would you go to on the Eastern shore? Who makes a better crabcake or cream of crab soup? Anywhere? I don't think of any of the three restaurants you mentioned in Easton as a seafood restaurant. They may be very good for what they are but I don't believe any are a destination (from Columbia) for a "seafood lunch."

                1. re: Joe H

                  The Bridges...on the water at Kent Narrows...lots of items at Narrows are disappointing...need to spice up the menu.

                  1. re: namret

                    To Joe's point, get the cream of crab soup to start, followed by the crab cake, and you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for something else, more creative upscale food, etc., then to Namret's point, maybe consider another place, as I certainly haven't been blown away by anything else on the menu, and they're certainly not going for creative.

              2. re: Joe H

                Joe H (or anyone) -- to piggyback on this thread a little -- hoping to get to the Narrows sometime this summer (for first time), but wondering if it's a place where you could just stop by, if on a spontaneous drive out Annapolis way and then spontaneously deciding to cross the Bridge, or if you really would need a reservation. I imagine it depends on the day of the week and time of day, but thought I might as well ask as long as it's come up here again, and it's on my mind.

                1. re: mselectra

                  We've never had a reservation and we've been stopping there for almost twenty years, usually as part of a larger trip although we've also driven from Reston for dinner. I think it is that good. There have also been a number of times when we've stopped for carryout. One important comment about the Narrows' soup: it is only their cream of crab which is outstanding. The red vegetable crab soup is very disappointing.

                  I've only had the Narrows' crab cakes which were broiled-never fried. Perhaps the broiled are in a 500 degree oven?

                  1. re: Joe H

                    Thanks JoeH for the response -- that's what I figured, but it could be awkward if I suggested going and then we couldn't get in or there was a crazy long wait (especially if we've also hit bad traffic on the bridge). Haven't spent much time on the eastern shore or even towards Annapolis, haven't lived in DC long enough, but I'm learning. in any case, I really hope I'll finally be able to try the legendary cream of crab soup sometime soon....

                    1. re: mselectra

                      We've never had trouble getting a table at The Narrows without a reservation, but we go there for lunch or a late lunch on the way to or from the Eastern Shore. It might be more crowded for dinner.

                      In addition to good crab cakes, we've also had very good fried oysters there.

                      1. re: Hal Laurent

                        The Narrows would be my choice too. I've never needed a reservation (although I have sometimes called before getting in the car.) One of the nice things about the Narrows is that they serve all afternoon, and have a "light fare" menu beginning around 4pm and going all evening.
                        Also, if their gazpacho with lump crab meat is on their specials menu in the summer - order it. They make very good Oysters Rockefeller, and another one of my favorites: Fried Oyster Ceasar Salad. The menu has definitely undergone some updating - the bbq quail seems to be gone, sadly.

                        A much longer drive, but Tilghman Island's "The Bridge" restaurant is under new ownership as of last year and doing a good job with local seafood. They have a nice deck on Napps Narrows in good weather. Harrison's Chesapeake House, also on Tilghman Island is the local choice for traditional Eastern Shore fare. Don't go expecting gourmet, but they get their rockfish right off the boats.

                        1. re: crackers

                          Fried oyster caesar salad... That really sounds good!!!!!!!!!

                          Crackers, we also have to try Tilghman's "The Bridge." Thanks for the suggestion.

                          1. re: Joe H

                            We went to "The Bridge" many years ago and enjoyed it, I was having some trouble finding anything current since the new management. I think we'll try The Narrows with my mom. She would enjoy the cream of crab soup, crabcakes and the water view. My own mouth is watering about that fried oyster salad though!!

                            My mom recently turned 87 and I thought while she's still in great health she ought to see some of what MD is famous for. She's never been over the Bay Bridge, so there's that experience (!), then I thought a weekday lunch would be fun. But it should be on the water I think, at least this first time on the Eastern Shore.

                            1. re: ivysmom

                              Wow! Never been over the Bay Bridge? I still remember driving over the Bay Bridge and continuing to Ocean City the day that I graduated from high school. That was....a....long time ago....

                              It was a big deal! Still is. Have a great time!

                              1. re: ivysmom

                                If you've decided on The Narrows, phone ahead and request a table on their glass-enclosed porch. You'll literally be above the water, looking south along the Kent Narrows.