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Jun 5, 2010 05:42 PM

What's the best way to enjoy black pudding?

My hubby bought some black pudding for the first time at the farmers market. He's not big on breakfast, so other than frying or broiling as a breakfast meat, what is a good way to enjoy it? Has anybody tried it on nachos?

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  1. I eat my morcilla with corn tortillas and beans it's a blood pudding ...............I GUESS ?.....WITH SPICES

    1. My husband asked me to post this question before i had wiki'd what it is. Ugh. Ick. Eeeeew.

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        i used to think that, but it really is delicious.

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          I with you on that, LukesBride! My answer to your post was going to be, "By watching someone else eat it!" My mother loved the stuff. The Italians make it too -- it's called sanguanachio, though I'm not 100% on the spelling.

        2. Straight up on bread or crackers. yum yum yum.

          Don't be grossed out by it and let your taste buds be the judge - blood sausage/pudding is enjoyed by pretty much all cultures throughout the world and there's a reason for that...

          1. If it's British black pudding, it is very mildly seasoned. It works great on its own, fried in a bit of bacon grease and consumed with the regularly breakfast fixings or with french fries. Black pudding in all its forms also goes very well with squid, beans, potatoes and tomatoes.

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              Or boiled and eaten with bread & butter for lunch (with lots of English mustard).

              I think I prefer that to having it at breakfast (where it does make a good sandwich).

              It's also worth chunking it up, frying it and then scattering over salad leaves. You'd want a mustardy dressing.

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                ...with a pint of bitter. Delicious.

                Seriously, though, it depends on the style. If it's more like boudin noir, frying it with slices of apple (like Granny Smith, something tart), and flambeeing with calvados is very good.

            2. I've seen it used as a topping for eggs benedict and also served on top of salads.