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Jun 5, 2010 05:34 PM

Where to buy Lagostina cookware?

My MIL wants Lagostina pots and pans for her birthday - any ideas for places to check out for good prices? TIA.

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  1. There is a set at Costco, $200 range. Not online.

    1. Costco, as suggested, also Sears usually has a set or two on sale.

      1. I think Canadian Tire often has them on sale.


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        1. Just yesterday I saw someone carrying a box of Lagostina from The Bay.
          As you can see, many places carry them.

          1. There are many types / grades for Lagostina.

            Canadian Tire always often has one set on sale. They have this ridiculous pricing (say $499) for 3 weeks and then have them on sale for one week at $199. You just have to wait for the set you want to come on sale.

            As per jayt70, the Costco set at $200 is a good value deal.

            If you wander through here you will see the various types ...

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              I wonder how the quality of this made in China Lagostina is, the set I bought around 1981 was made in Italy and I still use it.

              1. re: foodyDudey

                I've been watching the quality of Chinese cookware, appliances, electronics etc., and it has improved to the point where it can amazingly good. There are few old line appliance makers who have not gone to China.
                Maybe Le Creuset, Kuhn-Rikon, and a few others.

                1. re: jayt90

                  I have to agree. People buy a $10 pan and then say it is not made as well as one they bought for $70 over twenty years ago. At any given price point the "Made in China" products seem to better the home-grown ones. The relatively new technology of impact welding has done wonders for pan design.