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Jersey Shore BBQ - Belmar

Seemed about time that a new thread got started to disassociate JSBBQ from BOOM. Went there for dinner for the first time tonight. Was not very busy for a Saturday night, but it was only about 6pm, and besides, it's only been open a couple weeks. There were 5 or 6 tables occupied and a couple take out orders were picked up while I was there. It is pretty much the same decor as BOOM with a few more of the tall tables (the cow skull is still over the kitchen door) :-)

Menu is here: http://www.exit109.com/~mstevens/1pag...

Shortly after ordering, a basket of house made chips and salsa were brought to the table. I ordered the Belmar Duo, which is a combo of any 2 meats and any 2 sides. I ordered the beef brisket & babyback ribs with cole slaw and onion rings. They were out of onion rings (the horror! 6pm on a Saturday night? What's with that?). I then ordered the Seasonal Veggie which turned out to be sort of a baked shredded potato and cheese dish that was really quite good. The cornbread served with the meal was done up like hush puppies and were also tasty.

Ahhh, but the meat (That is the point, right?). You can tell the crew was familiar with competition BBQ and it shows (and tastes). The brisket was tender, neither too fatty or too lean, and the ribs avoided the "falling off the bone" nonsense that many seem to judge BBQ ribs by ("falling off the bone" = "overcooked"). They were tender, moist and tasty. There are glass containers of BBQ sauce on the table that seemed to have a hint of Worcestershire sauce in it. The containers were the type often used to dispense olive oil, and was a bit balky at first, but patience was rewarded. Of course I had my personal bottle of Chipotle Sauce with me... :-


All in all, the food was very good and the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. For as many "BBQ" places open in the area, I'd have to say this one actually "Gets It."

Jersey Shore BBQ
811 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719

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  1. are they doing both lean and moist brisket?

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      1. re: equal_Mark

        a brisket has two parts, the point and the flat. the point is much more fatty. in texas BBQ, you generally specify if you want 'lean' (just the flat), or 'moist/fatty' (the point along with the flat). Since they consider themselves to be doing Texas style 'cue, I was asking if they have the lean vs moist option.

        1. re: tommy

          I suppose you'll have to ask them. I've been attending and helping at BBQ competitions for over 15 years (which is where the owners here got their start), and the only category for brisket in those competitions is "Brisket."

          1. re: equal_Mark

            KCBS rules state that competitors can use a whole brisket, point, or flat. I'm sure other bodies have different rules. But I'm surprised no one in your travels has ever referred to the two parts of the brisket.

            Maybe someone else can chime in with the brisket options at JSBBQ.

            1. re: tommy

              When we ordered the brisket as part of our Quartermaster plate, we were not asked if we wanted lean or fatty, and there's nothing on the menu that indicates there is more than one option. So, it appears that it is only served one way, i.e., with some fat. It was nice and juicy, just right for me since I prefer some fat on my brisket.

              Hill Country, in NYC, offers fatty or lean. The fatty brisket there is fine (though, imo, JSBBQ's is better). I tried the lean once out of curiosity. It was dry! Blech!

              JSBBQ photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

              1. re: RGR

                Sounds like they don't offer the point. That's a shame. Or they offer it but if you don't ask it's a crap shoot as to which part you'll get. Oh well. I'l stick with Hill Country.

                1. re: tommy

                  If you are interested in trying it and want that particular part of the brisket, why not call and ask if you can get it? If, for some reason, they aren't' serving it, you could suggest that they do. The owners are very receptive to ideas as to how to make things better and attract more customers.

                  1. re: RGR

                    Frankly I don't have the time or inclination to help them figure out how to make BBQ, and was hoping the question here would be a bit more clear than it apparently was.

                    I've spent a lot of time calling restaurants, asking questions, and generally they are received in the same manner as this question was here, without much understanding and with a bit of defensiveness. The funny part is, all I want to do is promote places that I like, and try places that are interesting and/or doing things right.

                    But as I say, I don't have the time to worry about this place any longer. It's a bit far for me for a quick trip to give them a shot. I was hoping it would be a destination.

              2. re: tommy

                Those in competition often discuss the point or flat when it comes to how best to present brisket, but the fact remains the category for brisket in KCBS competitions is simply "Brisket."

                1. re: equal_Mark

                  I'm aware of the categories Mark! Another category is "chicken", which presumably includes breast, or thigh, or maybe even some other parts. If I asked if a BBQ place was doing thighs in addition to breasts, would you have reacted in the same way?

                  1. re: tommy

                    Trust me, these folks are serving the best Brisket I've had in the area at a commercial joint. Yes that is a dubious claim as Monmouth County is not renowned as a BBQ mecca. The babybacks are good too. I still hope they do well...

            2. re: tommy

              I looked at the offerings at Kreuz Market and Smitty's in Lockhart Texas, arguably the two top Texas BBQ joints in that state, and their menu selections for brisket were "Brisket." I suppose you could ask for any particular cut of brisket in any BBQ joint that offers it, but you certainly can't make judgments just on what appears on the menu. Besides, Tommy, you know you're not schlepping down to Belmar just to hit up a BBQ joint... :-)

              1. re: equal_Mark

                I schlepped down to Lockhart and Taylor TX just for BBQ, so I would think that Belmar, a few miles from where I grew up, a quicker drive than an average daily commute to work, wouldn't really be a stretch.

                I'm done talking about what menus read. Let me know if you ever get an answer on what they offer.

                1. re: tommy

                  Sheeeeeesh... Maybe they can bbq the dead horse you guys are beating...

                  1. re: Tay

                    Reminded me of the realtime back and forth on eGullet before they made the corporate decision to suck... :-)

                  2. re: equal_Mark

                    I just spent two months down in San Antonio, and we road tripped to Lockhart on 4 ocassions for BBQ. We visited both Kreuz and Smitty's, as well as Black's which was also a "must visit" with the locals.

                    I'll have to look at my notes and pics to see who's brisket was best, but they all asked which brisket I wanted, whether it be dry or moist. Either option was better than damn near anything you'll find around here.

                    Also went to another place called Rudy's BBQ, which is more of a tourist destination. While good, it didn't compare to anything in Lockhart.

                    I plan on checking out Local Smoke BBQ today, located just outside the main gate of Join Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for lunch today. Their menu looks great, but who knows if they can cook. Based on the awards they've won on their website, I am hoping it's some damn good BBQ! We'll see! More to come this afternoon! -mJ

                    1. re: njfoodies

                      Of course they ask if you want moist or lean. That's the way it's served in Texas and at Texas style BBQ places (contrary to the scientific analysis conducted in an earlier post on the menus of those places and the odd diversion to competition categories). But not at JSBBQ or places around here.

                      Hopefully you had the sausage at Smitty's and Black's. Something else that you can't find around here (although Hill Country in NYC gets theirs shipped from Kreuz, IIRC).

                      1. re: tommy

                        I had the sausage at all 3 if I remember correctly. We'd get a little from each place, and hit all 3 places each of the 4 times we road tripped to Lockhart. -mJ

            3. I got takeout from Jersey Shore BBQ today as well.. looks like I missed you by about 3 hours. The onion rings are actually supplied by US Foods. They didn't have them when I was there, either (at about 3 pm), but said they should be in around 5 pm (which they obviously weren't).

              I had the Monmouth Trifecta. Brisket - good, though I don't have much experience with brisket. Quarter chicken - consisted of a leg and a thigh. Good, but I think I could do better. Pork ribs - these were the low point of the lot. Very dried out, tough, like shoe leather. Maybe I should've ordered the baby backs. I had sweet potato fries and cole slaw as my sides, both were decent.

              Not really worth the nearly $20 I paid.. the ribs were really disappointing. Aside from that, I felt the portions were good. I'll give it another go when I'm down in that area again. Also want to try 10th Avenue Wings, which is opening tomorrow.

              Oh, I did really like their version of BBQ sauce. Not sickeningly sweet.. more of a savory vinegar taste, but not overpowering, either. It complimented the meats well.

              Jersey Shore BBQ
              811 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719

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              1. re: MarlboroMan

                I ordered 3 racks of ribs and wish i had only done 2 or none!!!. . I was really disappointed with them. Perhaps it was the style? I was hoping for the baby back to come out like Jack's in Neptune used to, on the flat side and really tasty. I lthought for sure I had gotten the pork ribs and called right away and was told that I had left with the baby backs. they were fatty, dry, and tasteless. I was basically told that that is the way they are served and no one else has called to tell them this, end of conversation. Thanks alot $60 waste of money. Wlll not be back. Grandkids had to fill up on bread to not be hungry.

              2. Went back again tonight, this time did the babybacks and pulled pork with onion rings and "ranch beans." Ribs were still very good as was the pulled pork, not fatty or dry with a nice proportion of bark. The beans were good also; nicely spiced combo of red and black beans. The rings were reminiscent of the BOOM Black & Tan ones. Along with the Texas BBQ sauce they also serve a Carolina style vinegar based sauce which goes well with the pulled pork.

                Asked if I could see the smoker, but they had a catering job and hauled the smoker, complete with a 75 lb. smoked whole pig over to that job.

                they had a printed blurb on each of the tables with a bit of history and an explanation of their smoking process:


                I assume they will also include it in their website (hint, Doug...)

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                1. re: equal_Mark

                  I can't wait to go here. It's on my list with Boondocks and Lil Masters Grille.

                  1. re: equal_Mark

                    I made it over to JSBBQ yesterday for a little lunch with my son. We had the habanero/apricot wings to start. Good wings, but a little too much apricot and too little habanero for me. The 12 yr. old boy loved them though. On to the 'que.

                    I was not holding out much hope for the barbecue. Over the years I have been nonplussed by barbecue, to the point that I have been thinking that maybe barbecue ain't my thing. I guess I have been having bad barbecue for a while because I am happy to say that I am looking forward to my next trip to Jersey Shore BBQ.

                    The boy had the pulled pork sandwich with mac and cheese and onion rings. The pork was very tasty. Moist, with a hint of smoke and that vinegary Eastern Carolina thing going. Unlike typical E.Carolina, it is not served on a soft roll but on a sturdy almost ciabatta-y roll. Mac and cheese rocked as did the onion rings. I had the Duo with brisket and baby backs. As equal_Mark said in his original up the page, the ribs were great. Personally, I thought the brisket was the highlight. Juicy, tender...I want some right now.
                    I too enjoyed the beans and the mac and cheese. Sweet potato fries were good as well.

                    My one critique is a non food one. The walls are bare, and the feeling to me is one of, hey, we just moved in, put the smoker out back, and here is some fabulous food. It's not a major thing, but it bugged me enough to write about it. The space is not a shack in the middle of nowhere with exposed wood walls, it is in a shopping center in Belmar with painted sheet rock. I'm no designer, but it needs something.

                    Jersey Shore BBQ
                    811 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719

                    1. re: TomT

                      Lol TomT! Took my family there for some take home yesterday too. Were you two sitting at the bar?

                      I got a three meat sampler with pulled pork, brisket, and ribs that I ate later last night. The pulled pork is excellent with the Carolina sauce and the meat was spot on delicious. The brisket was also cooked prefectly, but I will put some different sauce on it next time as I like my brisket with a tomato based sauce. The ribs were wonderful and really didn't need any sauce at all. All in all the meats there are first class q.

                      While we waited we shared a piece of home made key lime pie that was advertised as "best north of key west". It wasn't. Not even close. Avoid the pie if you are a key lime fan as there was no lime flavor evident at all. The pie was more like a mediocre cheesecake than anything else and just plain, well, plain. Not worth the calories or the money.

                      I know I will be back for the q and I'm sure I will try a few of the sides, but afterwards I will walk a little up the block for some dessert.

                      1. re: seal

                        Yup. funny stuff. Actually I overheard you mention something about "a post" to one of the guys, lol. Next time I'll introduce myself.

                        May I say, I do believe your daughter will be taking over the world. What a doll!

                  2. wish they had beef ribs there, too !

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                    1. re: ellen4441

                      I meant to ask them about sausage, which is a Texas BBQ staple, but is not a KCBS BBQ competition category. Might be something to consider...

                      1. REALLY disappointed.... had takeout the other night.. I expected little from the onion rings and got less, and the mac-and-cheese was flavorless.... but those are the little details

                        ST. LOUIS RIBS: Fair at best. I don't like fall-off-the-bone ribs but these were a little tough. Also, they were sort of sauced, sort of dry... not sure what they were going for.

                        BRISKET: Ouch! I never had rubbery beef brisket before, what a surprise. Hard to cut with a knife, a steak knife. I don't know if they were steamed at some point or what, but the texture was awful. I can't get past it. And if you're thinking that the steam in the takeout container ruined my meal, I will tell you that it was in there for considerably less than 15 minutes. I really doubt the brisket spent hours in a hot smoker, as there was no smoke or rub-flavor.

                        OVERALL SMOKE: Little to none. I saw no smoke ring on the meats and tasted none on the tongue.

                        SAUCE: I'm not big on sauce, preferring dry rub and maybe sauce on the side. They sauced each meat before service, but also added a side of sauce that was really more a vinegar-based liquid, the flavor of which clashed with the other, more sweet sauce. Confusing.

                        The only reason I got takeout was that I was on the way home from work and was flying solo that night, and it was about 145 degrees outside, so cooking was not an option. I will, however, return. Everyone I met there was nice, helpful, friendly and I liked the feel of the restaurant. I'll sit at a table and hope for the best. I want this place to be good, if not great, and we need another BBQ place at the Shore since there are so few good ones. In the meantime, I'm doing a brisket on my Weber kettle this weekend and I know I'll be happy.

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                        1. re: aklein

                          Talk about being inconsistent. It looks like half the posters really like the food while the other half hates it.

                          1. re: bgut1

                            I thought it was a big 'meh.' Not great, but not terrible.

                            1. re: joonjoon

                              Yeah, I'm not going with "terrible..." yet. "Meh" is about right, but "disappointed" is the headline.

                            2. re: bgut1

                              Correct Bgut1. I will stick to Hickory Hog even if it is alot further for me to get to.

                              Hickory Hog
                              3009 Route 88, Point Pleasant Boro, NJ 08742

                              1. re: Barbarella

                                Also try BRASA Portugese BBQ in Toms River on Fisher Blvd....great Ribs & Chicken. in fact tonight were having a dinner party and all the food will be from Brasa's..


                                1. re: Tapas52

                                  Try Memphis Pig Out in Atlantic Highlands

                                  Memphis Pig Out
                                  67 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

                                  1. re: Tapas52

                                    But Portuguese BBQ is very different from almost any American BBQ (Texas, Carolina, whatever).

                                    1. re: eleeper

                                      If you use the proper American definition of BBQ (Which the majority of Americans DON'T use, by the way) the Portuguese process/product is not BBQ at all. American BBQ is a product that is smoked at a relatively low temperature (around 225°) for long periods of time. Grilling foods quickly at high temps is actually, well... grilling.

                                      Summing it up is the smokers mantra: "BBQ is what you eat, not what you do."

                                      1. re: equal_Mark

                                        Four of us stopped in on a Friday night, and they were about 70% full.
                                        We were happy to see a small 3 piece band set up.

                                        Being a fan of this place, here are some of my constructive observations:

                                        Pulled pork very good, and baby backs pretty good.

                                        Service is friendly and very good!

                                        The band was very good, though way too loud for that small space, loud to the point of being ridiculous. The place cleared out, ASAP after eating, the music was too loud, could barley hear the waitress or give her our orders.

                                        Baked clams are too tough & chewy; switch to little necks. All members of our party are clam lovers, and didn't finish our order.

                                        I'd take the baked mac & cheese off the menu; it tasteless and too mushy. Put the effort into improving other things.

                                        My piece of brisket was so under cooked, (by several hours) it had to be sent back and change for another item.

                                        Seems like the transition from caterer to restaurant is a bit of a challenge.
                                        Hope some adjustments can be made, we do want to see this place make it.

                                        1. re: rickster71

                                          Just by reading your review I have removed this place from my goto list....thanks for the honest review...too many negatiives for me ...

                                          1. re: rickster71

                                            Also heard they had to switch to a diifferent smoker for the restaurant recently. There may be a learning curve there??

                                            1. re: TomT

                                              It was a code issue. Since the original smoker was custom made for their catering business, there were no commercial specs for the local permits. They had to purchase a new commercial unit in order to provide that info to the town for approval. Learning curve may be an issue. I was there last Thursday and brisket and babybacks were top notch. Brisket could be cut with a fork and ribs were spot on. The only real issue was the side salad which was way too huge, and the house made blue cheese dressing had so much cheese in it. Not a bad thing...

                                              1. re: equal_Mark

                                                maybe inconsistency is a bigger factor than learning curve... be interested to know if they have the same jockey on the smoker every night or if the rotation is just plain spotty

                                                1. re: equal_Mark

                                                  I'm guessing since they were fairly busy that night, they needed a piece before it was ready, or grabbed it by mistake?
                                                  The brisket has been good during previous visits.

                                                  Oh, before I forget; is it just me, or is the smoke flavor missing somewhat? The BBQ smell out in the parking lot is great, I don't really notice much smokiness in the food though.

                                2. I work about 5 miles from this place and have been going fairly regularly since they opened in June/July. Here is what I can say about them.

                                  A lot of people are mentioning inconsistency and earlier on in their opening I can definitely say there was. Their pork and brisket used to be more on the dryer side but each time I've gone back it's gotten much better. I think there was a definite learning curve with them going from catering only to restaurant & catering. I think they're finally nailing the timing down and it's really beginning to show.

                                  1. I'm in NNJ and since I knew I'd be in the area yesterday, I did a search on the board for lunch options...thanks to these posts, I had a DELICIOUS, moist pulled pork sandwich at JSBBQ yesterday.

                                    While I'm not well-versed in BBQ like SOME of you, I thought it was an excellent sandwich, served on a (lightly grilled) brioche bun with some good crunchy, peppery cole slaw, and I loved their sauce. As someone said upthread, it's not a sweet gloppy version, but it's also not straight NC vinegar sauce; sort of a combo, and I liked it.

                                    Service was friendly AND good; I sat at the bar (but note: they're BYO) and when the sandwich first came out, part of it was on the cool side. When I asked for it to be heated a bit more, they immediately did so, and the replacement was hot--and I finished every morsel. :-) Suffice it to say that I'll send friends who live in the area, and hope to get back there to try the brisket and the ribs!

                                    Catering is obviously a focus for these folks; I was told that they're smoking turkey for Thanksgiving and given a catering menu as I left.

                                    One note for those who aren't familiar with the area...Belmar Plaza is the strip of stores located behind Freedman's Bakery, which sits on Main St @ 8th. Somewhere along the way I saw their address as being ON Main Street, but that's not the case. Thank goodness I have that internal GPS... :-)

                                        1. re: equal_Mark

                                          At least they were very honest...especially at the end of the article...Thanx

                                          1. re: Tapas52

                                            guess I went the Blues Brothers route both times when I ordered the "Rubber Brisket"

                                            sorry, couldn't help it

                                            1. re: aklein

                                              Had to find out for myself.after reading the mixed reviews.....went for lunch at JSBBQ in Belmar NJ and enjoyed myself. I have to say it was pretty good. I had the Baby Back Ribs/Beef Brisket Combo with two sides, Baked beans & Mac & Cheese and corn bread.....the Ribs were "super meaty & thick" and very flavorful with an interesting rub mix kind of peppery, Brisket was tender with a great char on it also sliced thick. Bottle of home made BBQ sauce on each table. I liked the mixed baked beans a nice touch as was the creamy Mac & Cheese, Cornbread was a bit dry......haven't been there since it was "Boom",....good background music, nice atmosphere, and friendly service.

                                        2. Well, here's my take. Went with my wife and son after working on his apartment Sunday afternoon. Got there about 4:00 and place was pretty empty maybe three other tables and us. I love love BBQ and trying to choose an item from the menu was tough. Wife and son had burgers which really was a good choice because they were excellent and perfectly cooked. I got the sloppy joe sandwich which is chopped beef brisket topped with pulled pork, cole slaw and fries. Ordered the fries and slaw on the side so I could check out each of the components on their own. All parts very good and the brisket was excellent.

                                          Ok, now stuff for them to work on. Had to get my own napkins after the waitress brought our food guess she figured we didn't need them. For that matter no silverware eithier no problem I got that myself to. How can they be out of sweet potato fries in the early afternoon? The pickle that comes with the sandwiches/burgers are half a slice of a pickle chip. Now my biggest gripe, I have never been to a BBQ joint with this kind of atmosphere. I realize they are using the furniture and decor from Boom but it just doesn't feel like a rib joint. Also, the music playing was horrible. Some alternative whinny crapp that made me feel like I was in the movie "Juno".

                                          All and all not bad for $40.00 but, I have to be honest I'll probably not be running back anytime soon.

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                                          1. re: Shoreguy4u

                                            The music in Juno was horrible. I don't blame you.

                                            1. re: Shoreguy4u

                                              Shoreguy, I have to ask...is the atmosphere that important to you that you probably won't go back even though you said "All parts very good and the brisket was excellent." ? I totally agree that there's an overall experience that we all hope for in restaurants, but since good BBQ is hard to come by, I guess for me the food is the starting point here.

                                              I'd give them at least one more shot; fwiw, on my numerous visits I've never had a problem with service or the music--in fact, the owner seems to lean towards more rock than anything. Maybe he wasn't around? Still...if the Q is good...

                                              1. re: Curlz

                                                There are plenty of BBQ places that play music that everyone likes.

                                                1. re: tommy

                                                  I think you need to be careful when using words like "everyone." I happen to prefer my bbq without any music. Come to think of it, when we ate at JSBBQ last year, there wasn't any music playing.


                                                  1. re: RGR

                                                    It was perhaps not obviously enough a joke. In matters of taste, it's impossible that everyone will be happy. To criticize a restaurant for the type of music they play, especially if it's mainstream music that is commonly heard on the radio and tv and movies, seems a bit silly.

                                                    I can't imagine actually having a preference for "no music" with a certain type of food (never gave it much thought), but I guess that goes to prove my point.

                                                    1. re: tommy

                                                      *It was perhaps not obviously enough a joke.*

                                                      SHWEW. I thought you were losing it, dude!

                                                      1. re: Curlz

                                                        Most of the times I've eaten there they seem to be playing Rock with a definite lean towards the Blues. Works for me...

                                                      2. re: tommy


                                                        Apologies for not getting your joke. Still, I should have made myself clearer. I prefer no music in restaurants regardless of the type of food.


                                                  2. re: Curlz

                                                    I guess I would have to say, yeah, atmosphere is important to me. I'm by no means a high maintenance guy. Actually, I prefer dives to trendy places everytime. When I go out to eat I feel it is the whole experience I enjoy. Hard to explain, other than when I leave a restaurant I have a good/positive feeling or a bad/negative one. I guess I had a negative feeling leaving this place. ????

                                                    Sure, I will give them another try but, after reading other reviews on the ribs I feel like I'm setting myself up for a big disappointment. Hope not, I love great ribs.

                                                    1. re: Shoreguy4u

                                                      The quality of the food is first and foremost for me, but I do have my limits as to what I'm willing to put up with when it comes to restaurant atmospherics. Noise is a major issue. Though I will tolerate some, I do not go to restaurants with insanely high noise levels no matter how fabulous the food might be. On the flip side, if I try a place and it has lovely ambiance but the food is mediocre, I don't go back.


                                                      1. re: Shoreguy4u

                                                        I was recently there and I thought the food was pretty good. I liked Mo Green's better, and I thought Local Smoke was even better than that. Local Smoke might be the best I've had in Jersey, not counting homemade.

                                                        1. re: chuck98

                                                          Loved Mo' Greens! My review with a link to photos is in the Mo' Greens thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/750224

                                                          Where is Local Smoke located?


                                                          1. re: RGR


                                                            The sampler is my son's most requested birthday dinner.

                                                            RGR, your photo of MoGreen's blueberry pie is so inviting! Tastes even better.

                                                            1. re: HillJ

                                                              Thanks for the link, HillJ. Cookstown is a bit far for us, but their website indicates they are going to open a satellite in Neptune, which would be more convenient.

                                                              I usually prefer not to eat pies out of season, but I was shocked at how delicious the blueberry filling was.


                                                              1. re: RGR

                                                                Just opened, I think. It's by the "Fat Angel" competition team. A little far for me, too, but I felt like a drive anyway. The sampler was very good - excellent ribs, pulled pork and brisket. Mo Green's might have had better brisket flavor, but it was a little chewy (I thought JSBBQ was also chewy). Local Smoke's was nice and tender, fork-cuttable. The pulled pork with sauce and slaw on top was really, really good. I think overall it's maybe the best place I've been to in NJ, but Grub Hut is the only one I go to regularly, the rest were mostly one-shot road trips. Hill Country in NY is still king, and that includes a couple of places in Texas. Their moist brisket is ridiculous.

                                                                Grub Hut
                                                                307 N Main St, Manville, NJ 08835

                                                                1. re: chuck98

                                                                  Like I said above, being stationed right here, Local Smoke is a 30 second drive out the gate. I'll be hitting it up for lunch today, and will report back with pics. They opened while I was on a 2 month tour in San Antonio, but everyone in the office seems to like it! More to come shortly! Cheers! -mJ

                                                                  1. re: njfoodies

                                                                    Is this where Adams Rib was located last year?