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Jun 5, 2010 04:52 PM

Alaska king crabs and spot prawns in Calgary?

I searched through the board but I couldn't find any reference to king crabs and spot prawns in Calgary restaurants, just where to buy them fresh locally.

I am looking for suggestion where to go for seafood, preferably prepared the traditional Cantonese way. In Vancouver, there are many Chinese restaurants that will prepare Alaskan King crab a few different ways (e.g. crab legs steamed in garlic sauce, baked crab meats with rice on the shell, deep fried craws), and I am looking for a similar experience in Calgary.

Isn't it still spot prawns season?

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  1. There is a restaurant in the basement of the multicultural centre in Chinatown that serves it. The name of the restaurant is called Tang Dynasty. #88, 197- 1 St SW. 403-237-8808
    Currently, the price advertised for king crab is $18.80 a pound and the spot prawns is $13.80 a pound. I haven't tried either of these at this restaurant so I can't comment on how it compares to Vancouver restaurants.

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