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Jun 5, 2010 04:36 PM

Hepburn Orchard in Hancock, closed?

Does anyone have any information on whether or not Hepburn Orchards, in
Hancock, is permanently closed? Boy, I will miss their cherry cider and pies.

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  1. The Hancock Chamber of Commerce website says "TEMPORARILY CLOSED until further notice due to medical problems of owner, Terry Hepburn." Hope they can get back soon. Hancock's Hepburn Orchard and Weaver's Restaurant/Bakery have been two of my family's favorites for many years.

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    1. re: treetop tom

      I did see on their Facebook page that Terry Hepburn had an aneurysm (sp?) a couple of weeks ago and was in the hospital in Baltimore. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to Terry.
      Thanks for checking, my Google searching wasn't quite right and I couldn't find anything.

      1. re: ivysmom

        Do you have any recent updates on Terry Hepburn's condition? I'm curious about the status of the Orchards too...

    2. OMG! I just drove by Hepburn Orchards today. There are signs that the property will be sold at auction on August 13, 2010. You can find details about the auction at :

      1. Gosh this is very sad news. I've been getting my jalapeno peppers and other goodies from them for many many years now. I'd love to have an update on the condition of the owner. They've always been so friendly and engaging. This is an institution and I hope it stays open as is...

        1. This is horrible news. I've been making trips to Hepburn's for its pies since the early '90s, and haven't found a better pie source anywhere. The auction apparently did take place on the 13th of this month. I haven't been able to find any mention of the plans of the future owners.

          The site for the Hancock Chamber of Commerce ( has this notice next to its listing for Hepburn's:

          "Terry Hepburn continues his stay on the second floor of the Western Maryland Hospital Center. He is permitted visitors, if you would like to go. Cards for him may be sent to: Mr. Terry Hepburn, Western Maryland Hospital Center, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hagerstown, MD 21742."

          I'll be sending him a card expressing my deepest gratitude for all the happiness he and his late wife gave me over the years and my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. They helped make Hancock a great place to visit.

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          1. re: Spambalaya

            I know what you mean. I actually have begun working on my pie crust making skills over the summer, after I read that Hepburn's was not going to reopen.

          2. This is copied from a C & O Towpath message board:
            "Some of you may not know that Hepburn's Orchard's in Hancock
            has been closed because of Mr Hepburn's illness. Last Friday a
            group headed by Penny Pittman of Weavers fame acquired the property
            and I understand plan on rejuvenating the building and reopening it
            for next fall.
            It is very exciting to me to see a group of knowledgeable locals
            take fast and positive action to continue to increase the growth of
            services on the C&O, MWRT and GAP.
            I sure hope there product for the renewed Hepburn's will be as good as
            the pies at Weavers."

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            1. re: justRachel

              I'm not familiar with Weavers, but from your post maybe we have reason to hope there will be good pies available one day soon???