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Jun 5, 2010 03:25 PM


Hello! A few years ago we enjoyed Bar/Restaurant Les Ostres (Valencia 267,near Hotel Claris) in Barcelona. Very friendly bartender shucked oysters and poured generous drinks. The place has since closed.Does anyone know of a similar place in barcelona?Neighbourhood does not matter.Thanks!

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  1. Gouthier in Sarria serves good oysters, much like a Parisian brasserie. There is also a restaurant on c/Ferran between Las Ramblas and Pl Sant Jaume with a bar area that serves oysters and cava. Can't remember the name off hand but can't miss it as it is a large space with an oyster sign and usually packed by 9pm. I have never been to Les Ostres, therefore, I don't know how similar they are.

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    1. If you go to Gouthier, be sure to go around the corner to Bar Tomas for patatas bravas before your oysters.

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        Yeah, Sarria is a wonderful neighborhood for visitors who wants to get away from the Barri Gotic-Born/Ribera circuit. Bar Tomas must send out at least a thousand patatas bravas in an evening.

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          La Paradeta - the famous seafood restaurant(s) - also serve oysters but It doesn't look like a place where you could hang out and enjoy your food. If you are interested in other crustaceans and fish, the combination might work for you.

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            I am not the original poster who is looking for an oyster bar. But since you reply to my comment, just wanted to add that I don't understand why you would think that La Paradeta is not a place where one could hang out and enjoy ones food. It is true that one must line up to order food and it is not a full service type of place. But once seated, it is a fine place to sit and enjoy. Many places in Barcelona serves raw oysters but it doesn't have the oyster bar/cocktail atmosphere that the poster is looking for.

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              A seafood loving friend of mine recently went to La Paradeta three times in one week due to quality AND ambiance. She was surrounded by people hanging out and having a good time, mainly locals.

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                Magiesmom, I was not dissing La Paradeta! I was the one who brought it up in the first place. Sheesh. I was only pointing out that it is NOT your typical oyster bar where - and I quote Marinee24 (the original poster) - <<Very friendly bartender shucked oysters and poured generous drinks>>. If Marinee was looking for that, I think it's important to say that La Paradeta is not that kind of place.

                PBSF, I was NOT communicating with you. You were at the end of the thread and I saw no need to interject. Since I started reading and posting about dining in Barcelona, I have treated you with respect. However, I sense your growing impatience. If what I have to say irks you, please go ahead and ignore me. As I will you.

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                  Aleta: I see. Not a barrish kind or place, true, but sounds definitely like a place to hang out.

      2. Just to follow up on this question, we DID notice oysters on the half shell being offered at Orio Euskal Taberna, carrer de Ferran 38. It's a pintxo place with high tables and stools. Apart from oysters and some other high-end items, it serves the same style of pintxos as the famous Euskal Extea (a few blocks away). Price-wise, the pintxos were 10 Euro cents more than at Euskal Extea.

        1. The oyster restaurant on C/ Ferran has closed and is now a lage pincho restaurant..
          I would suggest PAco Meralgo, although a bit pricey the oysters are evry good.
          Also, Restaurante Carbeilleira on c/ Reina Christina, 3 (just behind 7 Portes). This is Barcelona´s first quality Galician restaurant and full of atmosphere. It´s traditional, but the seafood is wonderful.

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            <<The oyster restaurant on C/ Ferran has closed and is now a lage pincho restaurant..>>

            Bettybop, are you talking about Orio Euskal Taberna? It IS a large restaurant serving pintxos but when we were there in late June, it had an area near the front window for oysters. Do you mean that the oyster area is closed?

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              Bettybop, perhaps you missed my question about Orio (dated Aug. 12). I was asking for clarification about your statement:

              <<The oyster restaurant on C/ Ferran has closed and is now a lage pincho restaurant..>>