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Jun 5, 2010 02:29 PM

Williams-Sonoma Father's Day catalog has some very cool looking mesh cookware for the grill.

I like the cast iron griddle also. For W-S the prices don't look as bad as I've come to expect from them. Except that is for the big wood-fired grill for $4800!!! For that much money, I'm surprised there was no "e" at the end of "grill" :)

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  1. The mesh piece that you linked to seems quite nice for vegetables, but I am wondering about its utility for larger meat pieces (e.g. pork roasts). There isn't much worry about roasts or tenderloins and such falling through the grate and the mesh cookware is right on top of the cooking grate, so there isn't really any difference with respect to cooking height. If everything cooks the same (e.g. all direct or indirect heat), it might work, but you'd be limited to foods that cook over the same temps with the same methods. It does look very cool, though!

    Now that $4800 grill(e)--sheesh! Wonder if it comes with free shipping :)

    1. I thought my hubby would want that one because of the larger size - yes, for when he does veggies and stuff, not actually a roast, which he does place right on the grill. But he recently told me he'd rather have the long handled chef's pan . . . . but would also consider the fine mesh. Not sure which one would be better. Thoughts? I notice people complaining about the clean-up of the fine mesh...

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        I'd think you'd get more browning with the mesh. I think the roast was in one because it had vegetables also. I wouldn't use it that way either. A Chow-friend told me she ordered something from Amazon. I haven't checked it out. Bound to be cheaper than WS>

        1. re: c oliver

          He asked for this one, he got this one. He loves it so far! And, I must say, grilled summer squash has never tasted better. :)

      2. The meat in that photo was not cooked in the mesh pan - it was added later, since it has to cook at different temps/times than veggies. Food stylists and food photographers are always taking poetic license with the food they shoot (don't ask me how I know, but I know firsthand). I bought the mesh pans a couple of years ago, and love them. They keep my snap peas, string beans, etc. from falling through the grates. Spaghetti might work, too. I would never use them for meat.

        1. I've seen the mesh cookware, but wonder about the cleanup. I know just using my strainers when making stock, it's a pain to get all the bits out of the mesh. I can't imagine the cooked on food from high heat grilling coming off easily, and I'm enough of a fanatic that I would have to get every single bit out of the mesh.

          I'll stick to those pans with the small holes that sit on the grill for cooking small pcs of meat, seafood, and veggies.

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            When I use sieves and they get really nasty I just soak them in hot, soapy water for awhile and they're fine. The mesh pans aren't as fine as sieves so Idon't see that as a problem for me.

            1. re: c oliver

              Yes, upon a closer look, the mesh is a bit wider apart. Probably could use a soft brush (like for cleaning veggies) to be sure the bits are out. I don't have a dw, so hand cleaning is my only option.

              1. re: breadchick

                I never use DW for things like that. Feel like it has a tendency to "cook" the gunk on.

          2. You can get similar pans like that, even at the home depot. Or a camping store, like Cabela's. It's also 70% less...I like to use my WS catalog for inspiration lately, as so much of the items aren't the quality they should be, for the price, or just overpriced.

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            1. re: sommrluv

              Cabela's has them 70% less? Wow. We have one in Reno. I'm definitely checking it out. This is a product type I've never seen before. The "holey" stuff,yes. This mesh, no. I agree W-S is generally VERY expensive.

              1. re: c oliver

                QVC had one recently by their Techniques line. It's on wait list but was 19.99 plus $5something in shipping, so not sure if it was much more of a bargain.
                search for grill basket

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                  Am I allowed to link?


                  I recently received a catalog from them with a lot more options, but this is what I'm finding on the website. I know I've seen much cheaper in the stainless/aluminum, but this is less expensive than the OP, and it's copper.