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The great flatlands of Kansas suggestions (1-70)?

I am moving from Kansas City to Colorado Springs next week. The majority of the trip will be along the long stretch of 1-70. Does anyone have any good suggestions of any great can't miss places?? I dont want to get too far off the beaten path but still good food is worth traveling for!


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  1. If you're approaching K.C. around lunch time, you've gotta hit L C's bbq. It'll only take you maybe 10 minutes out of your way and is really easy to get to. Just take I435 south about a mile or so to the Eastwood exit (#65). Take the exit and turn right on Eastwood. it will end 1/2 mile at Blue Parkway. Turn right on Blue Parkway. L.C's is about 1/2 mile on the right. If it's a Sunday or some kind of holiday, I would call to be sure they're open (816 923-4484). Have the burnt ends if possible. If you get there and for some reason they're closed, go to Big T's. You will have passed it just before you get to L.C's.

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      Well, DUH! I just re-read your post and I feel really stupid! Somehow I thought you were passing through. P.S. My wife went to college in Colorado Springs; you'll like it though I was born and raised in KC and I don't think there's a better place in the US to live!

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        SonyBob: ha! I almost posted something to point that out, but I sort of hate people who do that 'gotcha' one-up thing.

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          Thanks for sparing me the hand-slap. I agree with your advice. My wife and I drove from KC to Colorado Springs in a brand new '62 Corvair back in the day and unless Kansas has changed a lot (which I really doubt it has), you might as well just zone out and drive, drive, drive. I must say that we discovered McDonald's on that trip. We were flat broke and practically cried when we discovered 24 cent hamburgers!

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            Oh, SonyBob...you had me at 'corvair!' Mine was a '62 Monza, lipstick red. And to keep this chowish, did you know if you lose a ziploc bag full of peaches & ice cubes in the trunk of a corvair for 3 months in summer, you will have a bag of really icky wine when you find it? And if you strain it and try some (hey, we were nineteen, and idiots), you won't die?
            And I would consider actually moving to KC, if only for LC's burnt ends.

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          LC's is a Kansas City gem. haha thanks for the imput though! I will miss great BBQ and burnt ends. KC has become quite the culinary epicenter of the midwest. Colorado Springs from all my research doesnt appear to be quite as developed, although it might not be a fair comparison considering size. Denver looks to be a much better bet. I am excited, but I've never been to the Springs, so I guess we'll see!

      2. god help you. (I lived in KS for 7 years so I'm allowed to say that) but I while I would be willing to bet Junction City might have decent Asian food and further towns interesting diners, I'd be tempted to pack a cooler and jam on the gas and (my favorite thing on those stretches) practice yodeling while sailing as fast as you feel safe.

        I hear Salina has great Mexican food however I can't direct you to a specific place.

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          I was afraid of that. All my research didnt point out anything especially promising. I know there is good food in Lawrence, but I was hoping to find something a little farther out when I had gotten some distance behind me.

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            actually Manhattan does too, but it's a good 15-20 minutes off I-70

        2. The Brookville Hotel in Abilene is legendary for its Fried Chicken dinners. I see on their website that they were awarded the "James Beard American Classic" award in 2007. Actually, the restaurant in Abilene is a replica of the original, which was a little further "off the beaten path" just west of Salina. The last time I ate at the Brookville Hotel was in 1978 - it was good then!

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            Second. That's a really long, long trip, with precious few decent stops along the way. I've been searching for years, and Brookville is the best you can find, at least in my experience.

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              I have never eaten at the Brookville Hotel myself, but I have friends who make the trip between Denver and KC five times a year and they almost always stop there for the chicken.

          2. Cozy burgers in Salina might be worth a try if you like sliders. http://www.cozyburger.com/

            1. In Hays, you could try Gella's Diner and Brewpub - they have some local German specialties on the menu. I stopped there a few years ago: really wanted to like the place, my beer was good, my fish and chips were okay, but the service was terrible.

              1. You have had a number of the good spots mentioned already, but let me add a few more.

                In Junction City you will find several good Korean Restaurants. My favorites are Korean Garden, and Pusan Restaurant & Korean Dinner.

                In addition to the Brookville Hotel (which serves nothing but fried chicken), Abeline has Kirby House Restaurant and Mr. K's Farmhouse .

                Many other good places if you get a few miles away from I-70, but let me push my favorite one right next to the freeway. Well a mile away...

                Bunker Hill Cafe in the town of the same name. Located in a 1917 limestone building that was originally a drugstore and soda fountain, the steak house is only open Wednesday through Saturday nights. Great steaks, including elk & buffalo, served in qualities as small as 2 ounces so you can try more than one. Wonderful fresh baked breads! Warning, they don't take credit cards.

                More of my comments and photos of these and other unique Kansas restaurants are posted at http://www.kansastravel.org/kansasres...


                1. I second the recommendation for Pusan and/or Korean Garden in Junction City. Who would expect, in the middle of Kansas, great Korean food at bargain prices? This is it.

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                    emu - it's 'cause of Fort Riley.

                  2. They're chain stores, but in Lawrence and Manhattan, there are Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants. Real taqueria-style tacos made right with top-grade ingredients.

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                      The Hitching Post, adjacent to Old Abilene Town is open for breakfast and lunch and serves good reasonably priced road food. Mostly locals - which is a good recommendation.

                      Shamrock Cafe on Old Hwy 40 in downtown Chapman is a good road food type place, also. I had pulled pork and gravy over rice with corn, roll and iced tea yesterday for $6.05 + tax and tip. My wife's burger was as good as when she was in high school eating at the Shamrock (many years ago).