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Jun 5, 2010 12:58 PM

Two weeks of chow in Buenos Aires - reviews

Don Julio:

Went here on our first evening. The morcilla as a starter was wonderful, pudding-like inside and done perfectly on the grill. My wife had lomo and I had entrana. Both were tender but unseasoned. Good service. On our last night we returned there and had a half lomo each. Done perfectly. Overall our favorite parilla.

Palacio de las Papas Fritas:

Went for dinner to the location on Laprida. I had Brochettas Mixtas - really good. Both beef and chicken. Beef very tender and tasty, chicken out of this world, tender and full of flavor. Great salad and the papas were the reason to be there. Extra comps, very friendly and warm service. Matambra de tenera tender, delicious and flavorful.

Another day we were on Corrientas and went for lunch. Wife’s Merluza was incredible. A thin topping of Roquefort, cooked in the oven, served with a cream sauce. My Milanesa with egg and red pepper topping was good but didn’t compare to the fish. Of course those great potatoes made up for it. The usual friendly service and comps make the Palacio a good choice always.

La Cabrera:

Morcilla had good flavor but not as smooth as Don Julio. Entrana more tasty but more chewy also. Lomo perfect with good flavor. Usual great 16 sides. Upon leaving my wife forgot her purse. Our waiter found it and chased us down the street with it. He wouldn’t accept the money I offered in gratitude.

El Preferido de Palermo: Borjes and Guatemala

Our favorite for fish in BA. We shared a Casuela de Mariscos, casserole similar to paella. Scallops in shell, muscles, clams, large prawns, octopus, squid, shrimp, unidentified delicious fish over moist Spanish rice with roasted red peppers, peas and other vegetables. Great salad with tomatoes all around topped with arucala.

El Guerrin: Corrientes, Av. 1368 near Uraraguay

A BA acquantance who eats a lot of pizza in many places said that this is the best in all of BA. While I can not make the same statement from personal experience I will say that this is by far the best I have had in BA. The Napolitana was excellent. Highly recommend.

Via Via:

In San Telmo on Chile one block off Defensa. Raviola and Torta Pueros. Like a quiche with mainly onion and potatoes. Very good, reasonably priced.

El Trapiche:

Morcilla good but in third place after La Crebera. Salad completo very good. Entrana nicely seasoned but half was a bit tough. It came covered with a large roasted red pepper - very delicious. Service was quite bad, slow and impersonal, even though we were there early and the place was not yet full. We asked for butter for the bread and the waiter brought two pats which was ok but there was a charge of four pesos for it. I have never had this happen before and don’t know if it is exclusive to this restaurant or not.


We found Canal by accident, walking down Cervino looking for a lunch place. They had a special for 24-25 May of Locro. We both ordered it and it was perfect. We had a good time along with a bottle of Malbec and enjoyable service. Highly recommend. Corner of Salguero.

La Josefina: Lafinur 3006

Ravioli Cordero, stuffed with lamb pieces and topped with a lamb sauce. Absolutely excellent. The best pasta dish I had this trip.

La Parolaccia: Riobamba off Santa Fe

Disappointing. Fish dry. Was supposed to be sole but was cod. Did they think the difference wasn’t noticable? Overpriced and pretentious.

Odisea: Olazabal 1767 near railroad tracks

We went out to Belgrano one day to explore the Chinatown. It took about three blocks and was disappointing so we wandered and found this. Very good food, attentive service, reasonable prices.

Guido: Cervino 3943

A cute place with decent Italian food. We found this one in our wanderings and decided to give it a try. Fresh salad greens. Tasty amuse bouche arrived on our table first. What spoiled this place for us was that a charge of $5 appeared on our bill for the amuse bouche. Since my Spanish is not good enough to argue the point I paid the charge but even though this is a small amount they lost any future patronage from us.

Secretos: Ugarteche 3154

Kind of average. Nothing I would return to.

Lucio: Scalabrini Ortiz corner of Guemes

Visited two years ago and liked it. Returned twice this trip. Had pizza the first lunch. Good but not as good as I had the first time. The second lunch I had Sorentinos Patagonicos Guer Aike (Ravioles rellena de hongos patagonicos acobijados en suave salsa de girgolas) and it was fabulous. A close second to the Ravioli Cordero at La Josefina. A very nice place when you want something Italian.

To walk all this food off we took a couple of free city tours. Our guide was very entertaining and I recommend these. See

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  1. This is fun to read. We had 10 days in BA back in March, and really enjoyed the restaurants.

    1. Was there in September 2010, over two weekends.

      Best Parrilla: Parrilla Miranda ( Very modern Parrilla in Palermo Hollywood. Mostly all locals. The lomo was the best we've had ANYWHERE and quite large. They take reservations until 9pm but we showed up at 10:15 on a Saturday and only waited about 15 minutes at the bar.

      878. A puerta cerrada with very creative food and a very good wine list.

      Casa Coupage. WONDERFUL Puerta Cerrada in the owners' apartment. Steak wasn't as good as Miranda but the food was much more creative and the wine selections excellent.

      Tegui. Very innovative and creative food. Modern space was beautiful but the service was horrible! Too many people running around with little coordination between them. I'd try it again though.

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      1. re: austxguy

        878 is not a puertas cerradas restaurant. it's just a regular lounge/resto that you have ring the bell to get in. I like 878 for picada and drinks. Not sure I'd go there for a meal. It is more of a lounge and can get very loud on the weekends.

        Tegui is very good but it tries to hard to be the "in" place. You have to put on your best bitchy attitude to go there. If you feel like playing that game it could be fun.

        I agree with you that Miranda is very good.

      2. Going next month and have lots of notes on your reviews. Thanks very much.