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Jun 5, 2010 12:36 PM

Baking bread with kamut flour ??

Hello Chowhounds

I've recently started to bake bread using the Bread Bible (Rose Levy Beranbaum) as my guide. I've had really good success with the cracked wheat loaf until recently when I switched from using wholemeal wheat flour to kamut flour. My dough would rise well for the first rise, but then stall out for the second and third rise and I wind up with a rather dense loaf.

Since I'm new to this whole bread making thing, I'm not sure how to adjust the recipe to work better with the kamut flour. Is the kamut flour destined to give me a dense loaf? Do I need to add a touch more water? Any advice would be appreciated!


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  1. *Bump*

    I think I know what may have happened- the kamut seems to react with the yeast very quickly, so I think the dough may have over risen and collapsed. Not 100% sure though.

    I'm about to bake a new loaf today. I'm skipping the second rise and going to keep a much closer eye on the rise in general.

    If anyone has used kamut, I would love to know your experiences and insights!

    1. I haven't used it, but with a litle research came up with the fact that it is lower in Gluten than regular wheat. Like spelt it is a form of wheat that is easier for some to tolerate and it is less processed. In one place it was recommended to use 7/8 of a cup for each cup of reguar wheat and in another to combine with other flours.

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        Hm, it may have been partly a gluten problem...I probably should have kneaded the dough a touch longer to develop it more, but then again, I only used 13% kamut flour compared to 71% bread flour (and 16% cracked wheat.)

        I did make a new loaf today, but didn't use the kamut. I couldn't bare another failure. Today's loaf looks perfect : ) Can't wait for it to cool to taste it.