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Jun 5, 2010 11:58 AM

Shanghai recs?

Hey I'm going to shanghai (and HK), i'll be there from 6/17-6/23. I'm looking for good restaurants recs. I generally want to stick with chinese food unless you've got something ridiculous, but I'm coming from NY so I don't need other recs really. I'll eat everything, I have no qualms about anything. Language won't be an issue.

As far as specific recs:
- any good shanghai / su zhou / zhe jiang type food
- xiao long bao
- breakfast
- any type of street food areas (street food is my favorite)
- any other great chinese food

Happy to hear any recs anyone has.

also, totally not shanghainese food, but I heard there is an outlet of Rou Gu Cha King in shanghai which serves rou gu cha / ba kuh it any good? I was in singapore in december, but unfortunately i did not have a chance to get any ba kuh teh (my trip was short there) and its a dish i love, so i was wondering if there version is any good

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  1. Hi Lau, it seems to me there are scads and oodles of info on this board about every conceivable restaurant experience in Shanghai - many of the same names of places come up over and over again. Haven't seen a reference to your request on ba kuh teh however although have seen Malaysian/Singaporean food mentioned (and the Crystal Jade restaurants are Singapore-owned I believe, you could start looking there).
    PS if you miss your goose again in HK ;-) go to Hengshan Café, they'll fix you right up.

      1. I was there for a very short stay (2 days) earlier this year, and this board was a tremendous help in deciding where to check out in such a short amount of time! So look around, you will find a bunch of past threads, as buttertart mentioned above.
        That said, I really enjoyed Jia Jia Tang Bao ( ) and also the dim sum course meal at Nanxiang Mantou Dian ( ).
        Also, if you haven't tried fried wasps ;) ...this might be interesting too ( ). Wasps aside, it was a pretty good noodle soup.

        1. Hi Lau: I have not yet gotten around to posting my report from my recent trip to Shanghai. But since you are traveling soon, I will chime in here and say that I consider JiShi (Jesse) to be an essential stop on a food-oriented visit. There is lots of info here on the various dishes. Please do not miss this place and be sure to book ahead. Outstanding.

          1. thanks for the recs everyone, leaving tmrw

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              Take me with you pls. Have a great time! (If you have time, how about a 20 min bullet train ride to Suzhou and dinner at the Wang Si, my favorite restaurant there? Can also fit in a garden visit, the Humble Administrator's garden and the Suzhou Museum are easy walking dstance from the restaurant.)

              1. re: buttertart

                Buttertart, I'm embarrassed to ask this having lived in Suzhou, but where is Wangsi and what type of cuisine?

                1. re: sganarelle

                  Suzhou cuisine, on the same street as the Songhelou but on the opposite side.
                  Lived in Suzhou? Jealous, jealous!