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Jul 13, 2005 06:19 AM

Michelangelo's - Silverlake

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Looking for reviews on Michelangelo's in Silverlake

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  1. OOOO! I love that place. They make the majority of their pastas by hand and the service (pretty sure they're brothers; from Argentina I think) is so nice/ knowledgeable about the food. It is tiny; only about 10 2-tops inside with a small patio area outside. some of my favorite things I've had there include porcini gnocchi, radichio ravioli, rack of lamb ..... I know I loved ddessert but can't remember what it was.

    Lovely neighborhood feel, lotsa love in this joint.

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      Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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        I agree! Have never ordered the pizza (but a lot of people seem to). I love their soup and pastas. David (?) the owner is so sweet (and not horrible to look at, either!!). ;-)

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          We were a little tired of our staple local Italian (Da Ginannio's -- I know, many on the board no like, but we do and they know us). Anyway, we were "cheating" on DG for a few weeks, going to Michelangelo's -- the food was quite good, but "here's the thing," it's loud. Really loud. The last time we went, a Friday evening, kids were running around (seemed like the owners were pals with their parents). It's Friday night guys, go to Shakeys! And the night before that, more pals of the owners, were talking, really loudly (to the brothers) and the acoustics are just terrible there. It has the makings of a nice, even romantic spot, but the noise factor has made us go back to... Da Ginannio's! And the service is much, much better there (though the brothers are charming...).

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            It's been a while since I ate there, but I remember I was starving to death, having just come from a yoga class where we did 108 sun salutations in a row, and it took literally hours and hours to get our food. I recall the pasta being fairly tasty but you better be in a very Italian frame of mind.

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            pretty standard fare. it's tasty though. i recommend it because the uncle of a former student of mine owns it (yes, they're argentinian).

          3. had some nice thin crust pizza there this past friday. mix of family and hipster vibe. nice burrata too. i will go back there.

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                1. I live near there and have been on numerous occasions. It's not great, but it's certainly good. The pastas have always been very good - I especially like the "Mama's special" or whatever it's called with sausage and spinach - the pizzas are good enough, the salads are nice - I especially like the arugula salad - there's a nice chicken dish with artichoke hearts and a lemon sauce. The prices are reasonable, we have never had any problems with the service. In general, the girlfriend and I like it. Would we drive across town to go there - no. Probably not even to Hollywood. But for an Italian restaurant in the neighborhood we are always satisfied.

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                    You realize you're replying to a question that's more than five years old, right?

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                      I did, but for some reason it showed up in the top 10 or so questions right around the time I replied to it. Don't know why or how, but there it was.