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Jun 5, 2010 10:41 AM

The Chocolate Tarte, a bakery in Somerville

I just had a pretty tasty pecan roll from the chocolate tarte, 199C Highland Avenue in Somerville, in the same block as the Armory. Has anyone tried anything else? I also hear their coffee is pretty good.

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  1. stopped by yesterday and had a mini red velvet cupcake, a mini chocolate cupcake and the gluten-free blood orange tart. was very impressed by the gluten-free tart as it was moist, not grainy or crumbly, and it was very tasty. she adds a little bit of cinnamon to her buttercream frosting for the red velvet cupcake. although i prefer a cream cheese frosting for red velvets, this was a nice variation.
    she mentioned that she only makes the cakes, brownies and cookies there. the pastries (pecan rolls, croissants etc) are from iggy's.
    i look forward to trying more of her gluten-free creations.

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      Interesting! I had no idea that Iggy's made fine pasties and not just bagels and breads. Live and learn. I will have to go back and try the cupcakes. I have never had red velvet anything, and I'm not sure I see the attraction, but will be happy to give a mini cupcake a try. Let me know how the rest of the gluten-free stuff is, please, since I have a friend who needs that.

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        Iggy's has great pecan rolls (though I can imagine better)...better than Flour's overrated, overly sweet ones. I like Iggy's cinnamon raisin swirl...a superb example of that pastry.

    2. We bought an assortment of pastries and brownies here a few weeks ago. We got there kind of late and the selection was a bit limited. The owner/baker seems to be the only person involved in the operation and she was really nice. I thought the brownies and pastries were good, even very good, but I'm not sure what her niche is supposed to be. We were hoping to pick up something to bring to a friend's house for a dinner party, like a chocolate tarte (where ever did we get that idea?) or something pretty that would look nice on the table and she said she only makes individual-sized items. She kept offering cupcakes, but no one's ever gonna sell me on a cupcake. I'm not sure how she can have a bakery that doesn't make cakes or pies or tarts. Maybe this will come with time? As of when we were there, she was equipped with only a standard home oven.