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Jun 5, 2010 09:40 AM

Where to buy chipotle peppers in Philadelphia

I have become hopelessly dependent on chipotle peppers i my cooking and can no longer find them. I used to get them at the Veracruzana market on Washington and 10th, but they don't seem to carry them anymore. So, two questions:

1. Are chipotle peppers called by any other name? Veracruzana has around 10 kinds of peppers in barrels, but none called 'chipotle'.

2. where else can I get chipotles? Ideally it would be in the center city/West philly/South Philly areas, but I'm willing to do a little traveling to feed this addiction.


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  1. Most of the little Mexican grocery stores in and around South Philly have a wide variety of dried peppers.

    As for other names, look for "dried" or "smoked" jalapeno

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      One of the better Mexican grocery stores is only a couple blocks from Veracruzana. That's Mi Pueblito, on Passyunk a few doors south of Washington. They should have them there, if not there are also quite a few Mexican groceries on 9th St. south of Washington, I'd just walk down there and keep popping in to places till you find them.

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        The store at 8th & Tasker has lots of dried peppers in the basement. I haven't been there in a while, but pretty sure they have them.

        I also know they have them at the one at 9th & Snyder. And as wolfe says, you can always buy them canned. Most grocery stores have them in the "ethnic" section.

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          These all give me some great leads. Thank you!

    2. When all else fails you can get them in adobo sauce canned at your stores or online.
      Or you can smoke your own from jalapenos.

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        I've purchased the Goya brand from Superfresh for about $2, 4 oz. can. Link is for can graphic:

      2. If you haven't found them yet, I saw them at San Agus Market on 13th and Snyder for $7-$8/lb.

        1. Dried ones at 12th St Cantina at RTM, saw them today