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Jun 5, 2010 09:35 AM

Buying Asian cooking wines in MA?

I would like to get some mirin or shaoxing for cooking purposes but given MA's blue laws, I realize that I don't know whether these are sold in liquor stores, Asian markets, or both?

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  1. I can only speak to Mirin, but I've seen it at Shaw's in addition to asian markets.

    1. you can find a plentiful supply of both mirin and shaoxing rice wine at almost all asian markets

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        Yes, but only the kind loaded with salt. Can I get the non-salted variety in a liquor store? I guess I should just walk into one and ask.

        1. re: markin617

          I bought a bottle of shaoxing at the wine store in Fresh Pond (next to WF), so it's definitely sold in some liquor stores.

          1. re: celeriac

            Whereabouts in the store did you find it, Celeriac?
            Separately, Whole Foods supposedly carries higher quality Mirin (hon-mirin) but has always been out of stock. Not the same thing as the lower quality Aji-mirin you can find commonly.

          2. re: markin617

            If Chinatown is an option, there's a selection at the liquor store near the gate.

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              if you can get to kam man in quincy they have a couple of types shaoxing on the shelves that are not salted. Look for the most expensive brands (around $5/bottle!)in the cooking wine section, they are unsalted. I just bought some there on Monday, as I have many times in the past.

          3. Reliable Market in Union Sq., Somerville sells beer and wine, so they may be a good source for Asian wines for cooking.