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Jun 5, 2010 07:51 AM

Hi - Going to be up in NYC during Fancy Food Show at Javitz Center Need Recos for dinner

on a Monday night. (think it's 6/28).

Background...I'm a native NY'er, but live now in NOLA. Will have some NOLA people with me and two guests from Seattle about 7 or 8. Need a place that we can comfortable talk a bit of business at not too loud...

Most importantly want a great atmosphere, great food, not a budget buster, give them a good "atmosphere of dinining in Manhattan". I'm game for anything food wise.... them not nearly as much. Where can I satisfy the need I have for great even inventive cuisine, but also satisfy the group I am with?????????

All help appreciated!!!!!!

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  1. having been to Fancy Food a few times, i strongly suggest planning for a light meal afterwards. no steakhouses! enjoy the show. it's really a ton of fun (and food).

    1. Where will you be staying. I know cabs can get you anywhere but sometimes there are great places nearby.

      1. Someone mentioned Print Restaurant in the Ink48 Hotel on 48th & 11th which is about 8 short blocks north of Javits. The restaurant is modern but looks quiet to me. There's a super nice looking bar on the top floor called Press with outdoor seating. I definitely plan to try both of them my next trip to NYC.

        Print Restaurant & Press Lounge @ 653 11th Ave., New York, NY 212 - 757 - 2224.

        1. Two of our favorites: Allegretti (modern Proven├žal) and Aldea (Portuguese-inspired contemporary American).

          Allegretti photos:

          Aldea photos:

          Oceana is an excellent choice for fish/seafood-lovers though there are dishes on the menu for carnivores.

          Oceana photos: