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Jun 5, 2010 06:53 AM

Dinner in Ely, MN

I am looking for recommendations for dinner in Ely, MN. The Burntside Lodge and the Blue Heron Dining Room sound promising from their websites. Has anyone on the board been to either of these places, and if so, what was your experience?

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  1. I was in Ely July 2009 and dined at the Burntside. Very enjoyable meal with great service. It is a bit pricey so not an everyday restaurant but well worth it. We will return when we vacation in Ely this summer. This is a one of a kind restaurant with great sunset views over the lake

    1. I just heard that Bernard Herrmann's son just reopened the Mantell House, this should be good! See for more about Bernard. -

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        The Mantel House does sound great...too bad I'm planning to be up there in September.

      2. I ate at the Mantel House last week. Their first week in operation. The meal was a fixed price meal: $37 without wine. The starter was seafood: a shrimp mousse with scallops, salad: mixed greens with truffled vinagrette, entree: pork loin with a luscious reduction wine sauce, three vegetable terrine, potato with spinach, (I think). Dessert was a lemon tart with meringue top. Fabulous meal! Decent wine selection.

        1. This restaurant is in the center of things in Ely and is the spot that most tourists know about and want to eat at. The menu is interesting and eclectic - definitely sophisticated for Ely. Ingredients are fresh and well-prepared with, vegetarian options and a bison burger. They have good breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. My favorite reliable place to eat in Ely. Reasonably priced too.

          Chocolate Moose
          101 N Central Ave, Ely, MN 55731

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            Make that Chocolate Moose an excellent breakfast. :)

          2. We just ate at the Mantle House last night. It was amazing and just as we had experienced when they were open before. The meal was in the top 5 meals I have ever eaten! (Well that I didn't prepare.) Two of the foods on my plate were familiar to me from years ago. Fortunately, they were very good along with some new things. The wine is adequate. We will definitely make a point to travel there again for dinner this summer. They told me they will be open for 12 weeks, so hurry!