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Jun 5, 2010 06:11 AM

Pesky pepper mill

Hi 'hounds

I use a mill for both pepper and salt. I can never get DH to fill them, though, because it's such a messy chore. I've tried a funnel, and index card, nothing seems to work.

How do you fill your pepper mill without spilling all over the counter?

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  1. I fold a small piece of paper (great use of junk mail), fold it once to make a V, and place the salt or corns on it. So far it works ok, but my mills are pretty easy to load, especially the Perfex (which is pretty but not a great grinder)

    1. This is what I have and is incredibly easy to fill.
      I just remove the salt part and wrap my fingers around the ring which gives me a slight funnel effect. There are multiple holes so the peppercorns distribute evenly.

      1. I just use a funnel, one with a spout wide enough not to bind. We must have different size 'entrances'.

        1. Hi, julietg.
          An easy funnel is made by cutting the corner off an envelope and using the resulting pocket.

          About 6 months ago we solved the problem permanently. I found the Oliver Hemming Spice Boy pepper mill at Dream Icons and never looked back. They are wonderful people to deal with and I really love this spice mill. It has a ceramic grinding mechanism and the design is a funnel at the top. Just pour in the peppercorn -- no funnel needed -- and it is ready for use! Also, it holds a large quantity and the grind is better than any other pepper mill I have tried.