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Jun 5, 2010 06:01 AM

Teas similar to Tazo Passion

Does anyone know of teas (bagged or loose) that taste similar to Tazo Passion but without licorice? Or perhaps a recipe for it as I'm up to making it myself at home. It is one of my favorite drinks, but I have high blood pressure so can't drink the Tazo.

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  1. The Tazo passion tea bags they sell at Starbucks are herbal and contain no caffeine.

    1. Tazo makes another herbal tea called Mambo. It's decaffeinated and the main flavor profiles come from hibiscus and rosehips, just like Passion. Mambo has a bit more of a tropical flavor, and no licorice root. I prefer it to Passion for that reason alone. Any tea with hibiscus and rosehips should do the trick for ya though! I