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Jun 5, 2010 03:28 AM

Luca's Mediterranean Cafe, Keene NH

We decided to change our lunch location to Keene NH. One friend had discovered Luca's by chance while attending the Keene Pumpkin Festival. I had the best lunch I've had in a long time. I chose the daily soup special, a cup of wild mushroom soup that was heavenly, slightly thickened and rich with mushroom pieces. The other three chose the arugala salad with cranberries and pear vinegar dressing as either starter or main dish. It is nice to be able to choose a small or medium salad and also add a choice of chicken, shrimp or salmon. I chose a caprese panini - fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato, but instead of same-old/same-old french fries or chips with a sandwich, Luca's served a fantastic couscous salad, sweet with grape tomatoes but slightly tangy with lemon dressing.

Luca's is small and it is best to find parking someplace other than the 2 hr meters on the street if you are meeting with friends and then exploring downtown shops.

Luca's Mediterranean Cafe
10 Central Sq, Keene, NH 03431

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  1. It's been three months but I saw this post by chance. Yes, Luca's in downtown Keene is very good and the most underrated restaurant I think I have ever seen.
    Check it out.

    If the chef looks familiar, he's been featured on TV (New Hampshire's main ABC affiliate) quite a few times.