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Jun 5, 2010 01:58 AM

The oldest expired food item you've come across?

I went through my parent's fridge yesterday in an attempt to make some room and toss out old items. They had many bottles and jars of dressings and condiments that had expired several years ago, but the oldest item I found was a bottle of squeezable sour cream that had expired in 2005. Surprisingly, it was a bit dry, but looked pretty normal otherwise, though it smelled a bit like paint. What's the oldest expired food item you've come across in your fridge or pantry?

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  1. I have some opened Panang curry paste in my fridge which probably expired in 2007, if it matches the equally expired unopened partners in my pantry. (The plastic wrapper, now missing, had the date.)

    But this thread reminds me of a joke I heard some time ago: "I've got a carton of milk in my fridge with a picture of the Lindbergh baby on it!"

    (Do they still put pictures of missing children on milk cartons anywhere?)

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    1. re: Bada Bing

      Lindbergh baby. ~chuckle.

      I suggested to my guy that we ditch some foodservice size cumin hanging out in the pantry. He got all emotional and demanded a tastetest to prove the virility of said spice. Wait - is cumin an herb or a spice?

      I digress.

      Thus is the everyday happenings in the life of one married to a cheapskate, never -give-up, I got faith in ya baby kind of guy.

      Curry paste expires? I thought oil =stasis. Gasp! You learn so much on Chow.

      1. re: Sal Vanilla

        Ooh, I'm married to one of those. He can be very extravagant in some areas and a total Cameron-Scotsman in others. But he defers to me on anything food related.

    2. No, when I moved in 2007, I found some spices in the back of the cupboard which I had purchased in DC. I left DC in 1984!

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      1. re: jwg

        That one will be hard to top!

        Interestingly, my old curry pastes were also bought in the D.C. area before I moved from there. Some kind of D.C. effect shaping up here....

      2. I had a unopened jar of brined grape leaves in the frig for seven years, no expiration date on the jar that I noticed; opened them up one day and they were fine.

        1. when we were kids in the UK my dad bought canned evaporated milk (Carnation brand) in about 1962 which were kept upstairs in the roof space in case there was a shortage of milk I guess. Who knows, he also bought sugar. These cans sat up there for years - we moved out in 1977 and they were still there, apparently fine.

          1. We have a jar of Mint Applesauce, that was a standing joke in my parent's home. It was always buried in the back of the pantry. Every couple years, it would make its way to the front, we'd laugh about it and re-bury it. As kids we referred to it as GLD (green loose duty) because of its appearance.
            The jar is now more than 60 years old, it will probably never be opened, and ceratinly not tossed away until after my death.

            OTOH>>>I was in my mother's home in Florida last month, and found a package of Golden Cheese Blintzes in her storeroom freezer that has an expiration date of 1992.